Top 3 Stay-cation Spots: 2014

By Helena Heslov, Staff Writer

Many Archer girls may want to spend time with their families and friends during the holidays, but don’t want to venture out of town. Why not travel to a local getaway near Los Angeles?

Fisherman’s Village

Photo of the Charlotte Harbor in Fisherman's Village, Marina Del Rey, taken by Sydney Stone '16.
Charlotte Harbor in Fisherman’s Village provides a beautiful view while shopping or eating alongside the harbor. Photographer: Syd Stone ’16.

Located on the waters of the Marina, lighthouse and all, Fisherman’s Village is the perfect getaway from busy streets and tall buildings. According to its website, the village offers New-England style scenery and tons of restaurants to choose from, like water-bicycling, fishing and sailing.










Photo of the view of the Pacific Ocean at the top of the Santa Monica Mountain's Temescal Canyon trail, taken by Helena Heslov '16.
The view of the Pacific Ocean is visible from the top of the Santa Monica Mountain’s Temescal Canyon trail. After a tedious hike, its the perfect view to look forward to. Photographer: Helena Heslov ’16.

Santa Monica Mountains

For adventure seekers, the Santa Monica Mountains make a perfect weekend day trip, according to the National Park Service. Even though the mountain range is located in North Los Angeles, you’ll feel like you’re miles from home. It has more than 500 miles of different trails that have glamorous views of the Pacific Ocean at the top of the mountains, and even has its own old-style movie ranch.








Catalina Island

Photo of the sun setting in Catalina taken by Leandra Ramlo '16.
The sunset in Catalina can be see from a late-afternoon boat ride along the coast — it makes for an amazing view. Photographer: Leandra Ramlo ’16.

On just a 21-mile long and eight-mile wide island, you can zip line, snorkel, swim, and more on Catalina, according to its website. The Island is filled with boutique-type Bed & Breakfast hotels, five star restaurants where you can order the catch of the day— fresh off the island of course — and a plethora of water-front specialty shops to choose from.