WE Day coverage error

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Dear Editor,

As attendees of the recent WE Day, we appreciate the Oracle’s acknowledgement of the event and our participation. However, we would like to point out that there were 14 Archer girls in attendance, not only the three mentioned in the article. The other girls participating were: Alexa Tierney, Olivia Downes, Isabel Kuh, Sidney Velasquez, Danielle McMillion, Grace Kerner, Juliet Youssef, Megan Escobar, Ruby Colby, Sophia Fink, and Kelly Tuxpan. The most important omission was HOW we got to WE day. We defied all expectations (everyone told us it was “impossible”), and over five weekends, we raised $1,260 for our travel needs.

Another error was the misquoting of MaeLea Williams as well as the misspelling of her first name.

While we appreciate the light that you shed on our wonderful experience, the importance of the event, and its message, we hope that you make these changes.


Livia Blum, Sammy Raucher and MaeLea Williams