Mop Boss: “Joy” is a Must-See


Jennifer Lawrence poses as Joy Mangano in the promotional poster for “Joy.” The poster is created by 20th Century Fox.

A story spanning four generations, “Joy” tells the incredible true story of a woman who invents the “Miracle Mop” and becomes wildly successful against all odds. Jennifer Lawrence brilliantly portrays Joy Mangano and provides great depth to the character. Lawrence makes her story convincing, relatable and inspiring.

Although “Joy” is a slightly unusual choice for a biopic, the film’s fantastic dialogue and acting make the audience feel emotionally invested in Mangano’s struggle as a single mother. She is forced to be both financially and emotionally stable to support her children, mother, father, grandmother and ex-husband — while simultaneously dreaming of inventing something spectacular.

Ever since she was a little girl, Mangano had always possessed a passion for inventing and building things. However, she was forced to give up the opportunity to attend college, as well as her dreams of becoming a successful inventor, in order to take care of her parents during their divorce.

Although he does not headline the film, Édgar Ramírez is by far the best supporting character as Mangano’s ex-husband Tony Miranne. Ramírez provides a charming, touching performance, despite the fact that his character is a wannabe Tom Jones.

His character also offers comedic relief to the movie and is the only person, besides Mangano herself, who truly believes in Mangano’s entrepreneurialism. Throughout the film, the two characters remain close friends even though they are divorced, and Miranne ultimately becomes the Executive Vice President of Sales of Mangano’s wildly prosperous company.

Robert De Niro plays Mangano’s father Rudy, and Bradley Cooper is cast as QVC executive Neil Walker. Cooper does not appear until about halfway through the film, but De Niro has a main role throughout.

There are points where the movie drags on slightly, but Lawrence’s incredible presence is undeniable. Her acting is powerful and raw, and she rightfully deserves her Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical for “Joy.”

“Joy” tells the tale of a woman who had to overcome raising several children as a single mother and gave up her dreams to support her family. As Mangano fights against those who did not believe in her ideas, the film ultimately propels the message that anyone can achieve the American Dream.

Mangano’s fierce imagination and hard work ultimately help her attain her dream of becoming a successful mother and entrepreneur. The film proves that hard work, determination and original ideas can lead to success and that the United States is a special place where something ordinary can result in something extraordinary.

Additionally, the movie provides deep insight into what feminism truly is, and “Joy” propels the message that women can achieve anything. Mangano fights against the stereotypes of uneducated housewives in the workplace, and the movie portrays her struggle without lecturing the audience.

After making millions of dollars through selling her mop on QVC, Mangano says to her daughter, “Christie, look at me. I want you to remember something because a lot of times people get nice things and they start to think differently. We got here from hard work, patience and humility.”

Overall, “Joy” is a fantastic film with an inspiring message, and I highly recommend the film to anyone who is interested in a feel-good, triumphant story.

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