LA Neighborhood Guide: Beverly Hills Edition

My camp friend, Abby Greenblatt, and I stand in front of the Beverly Hills sign on Canon Drive. Beverly Hills offers many different restaurants and exhibits for the public.

Photo credit: Sophie Goldberg

My camp friend, Abby Greenblatt, and I stand in front of the Beverly Hills sign on Canon Drive. Beverly Hills offers many different restaurants and exhibits for the public.

“LA Neighborhood Guide” is a collection of listicles highlighting unique Los Angeles neighborhoods. It explores places to go, things to do and interesting information about the area in general. Through this spotlight, The Oracle hopes to explore Los Angeles’ diversity and unique attractions.

Beverly Hills, California, famously referred to as the “90210,” is one of Los Angeles’ most luxurious neighborhoods.

Since its founding in 1914, Beverly Hills has been associated with celebrities, but the city also offers delightful restaurants and attractions that are intriguing to the general public.

Here are five must-see attractions in Beverly Hills.

Shop on Rodeo Drive

Photo by Gracie Marx
Beverly Hills’ most famous street, Rodeo Drive, gears up for the holiday season with lights and Christmas music blared over the speakers. The street will be lit until Jan. 6.

Possibly Beverly Hills’ most famous attraction, Rodeo Drive, is known for its excess of fancy stores and boutiques.

Some of the most popular shops include Gucci, Tory Burch and Louis Vuitton

Rodeo Drive also hosts a collection of exclusive events ranging from luxurious jewelry festivals to seasonal holiday spectaculars.

As Christmas approaches, Rodeo Drive hosts a beautiful holiday light show open to celebrate the holiday spirit.

Rodeo Drive can be pretty swamped with tourists, so I recommend getting there earlier in the day before it gets crowded. I bought my mom a birthday gift there around 11 a.m., and it was already pretty packed.

Rodeo Drive also has restaurants to dine at in between shopping.

Try the Cupcake ATM

Photo by Gracie Marx
The popular Sprinkles Cupcake ATM sits in between Sprinkles Cupcakes and Sprinkles Ice Cream. The ATM is the perfect stop if the line inside the store is too long.

Founded by Candace Nelson in 2005, Sprinkles Cupcakes has been Beverly Hills’ top stop for delicious desserts for over a decade.

Sprinkles offers 26 different cupcake flavors including gluten free and vegan cupcakes. 

More recently, Sprinkles Cupcakes opened up a Cupcake ATM where customers can purchase deserts without entering the store. Instead, customers receive a mouthwatering  cupcake from a computerized vending machine.

When you’re bored of the cupcakes, walk next door where Sprinkles Ice Cream stands.

Sprinkles Ice Cream opened in 2012 and offers 21 delightful flavors such as Cap’n Crunch and triple chocolate. The ice cream can be eaten alone, or you can turn it into a variety of sundaes, milkshakes or cookie sandwiches.  

Discover Nature

Photo by Gracie Marx
The famous Beverly Hills sign is a top tourist attraction in the city. When there, it may take a while to get a photo because of the heavy amount of tourists.

Located on Santa Monica Boulevard between Rodeo Drive and Canon Drive, Beverly Gardens Park is one of Beverly Hills’ most famous attractions.

The park features the Beverly Hills sign, which is one of the city’s most photographed attractions.

The park is also the location of the popular Beverly Hills Art Show, which is held annually during the third weekends of May and Oct.

The entirety of the park consists of a beautiful 1.9 mile walk that has several rose and cactus gardens.  

While the Beverly Hills sign is usually a top tourist location, the surrounding areas are great spots to read a book or take a nap.

Explore Media and Television

Photo by Gracie Marx
The Paley Center for Media is located on Beverly Drive and offers different exhibits, props and artifacts from television shows. The museum is offering a special holiday themed exhibit until Jan. 7.

Since opening in 1996, the Paley Center for Media has collected resources and props from television and film to display to the public.

The Paley Center’s has no admission fee and the general public is welcome to explore the different objects inside.

Most recently, the center displayed costumes and props from television shows including “American Horror Story” and commemorated Cartoon Network’s 25 years on television in an exhibit called “Cartoon Network: 25 Years of Drawing on Creativity.”  

When you’re done exploring the museum, there is a beautiful rooftop seating area with a view overlooking Beverly Drive. I visited the museum over the summer, and the rooftop garden was a perfect culmination to an intriguing museum. 

One tip is to eat before you attend because there is no food or drink allowed in the museum. However, there are a plethora of restaurants on Beverly Drive including The Farm and Nate’n Al’s Delicatessen.

The Paley Center for Media is located on 465 N Beverly Drive and is open Wednesday-Sunday from 12-5 p.m.. 

Relax at the Pool

Photo by Gracie Marx
The prominent Beverly Hills hotel sign on Sunset Blvd. The hotel offers different restaurants to explore and a pool to lounge at.

Famously known as the “Pink Palace,” the Beverly Hills Hotel is one of the city’s most luxurious hotels. Since opening in 1912, the hotel has been closely associated with film and music celebrities.

The hotel has a series of different restaurants, including the famous Cabana Cafe.

This poolside restaurant serves breakfast and lunch all day. When you’re done at the restaurant, you can head to the pool to soak in the sun and swim. 

The hotel gets pretty packed on weekends, especially on Sundays, so I recommend making a reservation at whatever restaurant you choose.

The hotel is located at 9641 Sunset Blvd. across the street from Will Rodgers Park.

Beverly Hills is one of the best cities in Los Angeles for shopping and eating, and I hope you explore it soon.