Interview: The Mastermind Behind Dylan’s Candy Bar


Dylan’s Candy Bar

By Isabel Adler, Columnist

Originally a New York-based shop, Dylan’s Candy Bar is a sugar extravaganza for any sweet tooth. Much like Willy Wonka’s factory, this sweet shop has candy from floor to ceiling—literally. With stores in New York City, Houston, East Hampton, and soon Miami, the hotspot has made its long-awaited debut in Los Angeles.

The newest branch is colorful from the inside out. “Button Candy” patterns complement the brightly striped exterior. Located at the Grove, this one-of-a-kind store is quite noticeable. Aside from the unmistakable colors, there is a Kiosk selling a taste of the wild products located directly next to the shop.

Walking in, the store is filled with colors, candy, and amusement. The overwhelming sweet smell of the merchandise meets customers’ noses when entering the store. On circle-shaped counters, there are a variety of different candies just waiting for lucky customers to grab a bag and indulge.

The candy bar supplies not only candy, but also carries its own clothing. From colored tank tops sporting the logo to candy covered pajamas, Dylan’s Candy Bar is not only about sugar. It is about the whole experience. Flip-flops, beach towels and sweatpants adorn the back of the store.

There is a wall of m&ms and a wall of Jellybeans with colors unknown to the normal m&m bag. Varieties of purples, greens, blues and reds are available for mixing and matching.

Dylan’s Candy Shop shoots for a whole experience; not only are there strong visuals and smells, there also is music playing. Candy-themed and chipper music plays throughout the store. Reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the music is the perfect auditory metaphor for the mood of the store.

This oracle writer received the chance to sit speak with the fabulous owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar, Dylan Lauren:

ORACLE: What made you want to start Dylan’s Candy Bar? Why is it a candy store?

DL: I love candy and I felt there was a need for a place or retail store that carried all the products I loved from around the world, but couldn’t find in New York. I knew others were also candy fans and would appreciate this.Candy is my passion and I love candy related items: clothes, jewelry, spa products, and games, art all of which Dylan’s Candy Bar carries.

ORACLE: Is it ever challenging to be the child of the famous designer, Ralph Lauren?

DL: It’s been very nice to have such a smart and creative entrepreneur and sweet man as my father.

ORACLE: How did you create a name for yourself outside of your father?

DL: I followed my own passion, which is candy and created a lifestyle brand. And I did merge my love and education of fashion, art and pop culture that I grew up with, with candy to cultivate my unique spin on candy. A lot of candy brands seem inspired by what I have brought to the candy industry and thus I got a good reputation for being a creative innovator in this field.

ORACLE: Of all the locations of Dylan’s Candy bar, which is your favorite? Why?

DL: While we have five locations, NYC is my favorite since it was my first and is in my hometown. Plus it’s the flagship.

ORACLE: What is your favorite candy that you carry? Which is your least?

DL: I love all the Dylan’s Candy Bar products we develop because not only do they taste good, but we really focus on making the packaging a fun, artistic and exciting gift. Right now I’d say our new Candy spill pattern fluffy pajamas are my favorite. My least favorite is any slow selling product, which depends on the season.

ORACLE:  If any author were to write a biography of you what would the book be called?

DL: “A sweet life…” I did just write a book called “Unwrap Your Sweet Life” to show people how to entertain with, decorate with and enjoy candy.

ORACLE: Besides candy, what are the reasons you love your store and why you think others love your shop?

DL: I love that I’m able to take candy to a new level by making the store an oversized Candy Land where customers say they feel like a kid again. Its nice to have a store that brings out the inner child and creative spirit in all people no matter what age or background.

ORACLE: What made you start a career in candy instead of in art history?

DL: Candy is art to me. I make pop art using candy like gumball mosaics and decoupaging with candy wrappers. I also design the products, the store fixtures, the visuals and graphics etc etc so it is always art that I’m creating using candy as the subject.

ORACLE: When you come to Los Angeles, where do you like to eat?

DL: I love sushi in LA so places like Katsuya and Koi are my fave.

ORACLE: Who designs you stores? What made you choose them?

DL: I chose locations in cities that I love to travel that are hip, fashionable and have a lot of walking traffic. I design all my stores and am extremely hands on with every detail such as candy that’s in the architecture, specific colors, materials and textures.

Featured Image: Dylan’s Candy Bar Website