Review: ‘Do it for the Culture’ — Migos stays on top with new album “Culture II”

The official cover art for Migos' third studio album Migos Official Instagram ." class="catboxphoto" />

The official cover art for Migos' third studio album "Culture II". Migos is an American hip-hop trio from Lawrenceville, Georgia. Image source: Migos Official Instagram .

It’s no secret that Migos has become the rap group to listen to over the course of the past year. The trio, consisting of rappers Offset, Takeoff and Quavo have had multiple singles since their debut in 2013, many of which generated buzz amongst “trap” fans. Some of these songs include “Versace,” Hannah Montana,” “Fight Night,” “Look at my Dab” and “Handsome and Wealthy”, but it was not until the release of the legendary “Bad and Boujee from their second studio album, “Culture,” that the group began to garner significant recognition from all types of music lovers. Since then, the group has been unstoppable.  

Despite the fact that the group Migos released a lot of music in 2017, both collaboratively and separately, they still gifted us with another project in just the first month of 2018. On Jan. 26, the anniversary of the release of “Culture,” the trio dropped the sequel: “Culture II.” What a great way to start to 2018! 

Before listening to most recent album or its predecessor, it’s important to know what the term “culture” is used by Migos to reference specific trends and styles that stem from modern-day hip-hop. Migos has always claimed to be the leaders for this generation when it comes to trendsetting and embracing where they come from. They are the voice for their fans and always use their platform to “do it for the culture.”

At a first glance, the album might seem slightly overwhelming. It has a 24-song tracklist that will consume one hour and 45 minutes of your time — but don’t let that scare you. Migos mixed their traditional sound with some experimental ones that we’re not used to hearing from them. The distinct instrumentals immediately grab listeners’ attention and keep the audience wanting to hear what’s next.

While all the songs consist of the typical “skrt,” “splash,” “drip,” “whoop,” “smash” and “whip” ad-libs that fans have come to know and love, Migos diverged from their typical sound on a few songs. Initially, I was opposed to the happy-go-lucky, Pharrell-produced single “Stir Fry” when I first heard it because I wasn’t used to Migos having such upbeat music. Over time, however, I have to admit that it’s grown on me.

Migos also adjusted their usual tempo on songs “Notice Me,” featuring Post Malone, which was an enticing, slower song and “Too Playa,” featuring 2 Chainz, sounding more jazzy and old-school.

Even though each song obviously deserves a listen, 105 minutes is a lot of time. If you can’t bring yourself to sit through all 24 songs at once, there are some notable ones that are certainly worth the listen. The trio paid homage to South American culture on the third track of the album, “Narcos,” which consists of a beat centering on Spanish guitar and lyrics that refer to the Netflix original series entitled “Narcos,” as well as drug lord Pablo Escobar. “Narcos” is my personal favorite due to its unique, melodious sound.

BBO” featuring 21 Savage and “Walk it Talk it” featuring Drake have also proven to be successful amongst fans because of their fast-paced, “hype” beats. Also, let’s be honest, any song that Drake is involved with is an automatic hit.

However, “Culture II” does get a little dry at times. Songs like “Auto Pilot,” “Beast,” “Open It Up” and “Movin’ Too Fast” are slightly boring and even hard to differentiate between. But with 24 songs, you can’t expect them all of them to be perfect.

It is without a doubt that “Culture II” will be the rap-lover’s anthem for all of 2018, just like “Culture” was in 2017. Migos has accepted their new role in the music industry of being the top group to watch.

With multiple songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, various Grammy nominations (although they did not win any), sold-out shows, luxurious cars and immense amounts of jewelry, it seems like they’re adjusting just fine to the fame. Nonetheless, it’s relieving to see the group is staying true to their Northern Georgia, trap roots and most importantly, doing it for the culture.

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Migos is a rap group made up Georgia-natives Offset, Takeoff and Quavo. “Culture II” is Migos’ third studio album. It was released in 2018 by Quality Control Music, Motown and Capitol Records.