Review: Billie Eilish’s energetic concert captivates audience


Photo credit: Liz Haltrecht

Billie Eilish performs one of her songs, “Bored,” at The El Rey Theater. Eilish recently finished her first ever tour “Where’s My Mind?”

“Billie, Billie, Billie,” the audience chants for 16-year-old rising singer Billie Eilish on her first tour, “Where’s My Mind?” And Eilish certainly succeeded in creating an amazing concert.

Eilish is a breakout Los Angeles native pop artist. With nearly five million Spotify listeners and one million Instagram followers, this teen is not going anywhere but up. Her first EP, entitled “Don’t Smile at Me,” features 8 original songs with topics ranging from love to murder.

Eilish performed at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Mar. 7 and added an extra L.A. show on Friday, Mar. 9, based on the extreme popularity surrounding Wednesday’s performance. 

I attended the Friday show and loved every moment of it. Initially, I was worried that after a long day of school I would struggle to stay awake with the beautiful sound of Eilish’s angelic voice and soft sound. When Billie entered the stage, however, my energy level went straight up along with the rest of the crowd.  

Eilish radiated an incredible stage presence and made her usually calm songs very fun and energetic. Her lively performance was particularly impressive because I had expected a slower concert based on her normally mellow sound. Additionally, her real voice sounds exactly as it does in her album, further reinforcing her genuine talent. 

She really engaged with her audience, grabbing people’s hands and posters and even crowd surfing at one point during the show. I particularly loved when she jumped around the stage, as well as the more peaceful moments where she played her ukulele.

Concertgoers chanted, screamed and sang Eilish’s lyrics, constantly supporting her throughout the show.  I had an incredible time at the concert and would definitely love to see Eilish perform live again. Although she has now concluded the rest of her tour, you can still catch her at major music festivals including Lollapalooza, Osheaga and Governors Ball. 

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Billie Eilish performed at The El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles last month for her “Where’s My Mind?” tour. She is a native Los Angeles artist whose soft, original sound has garnered millions of fans around the world.