5 ways to begin the year organized, stress-free


Photo credit: Nicki Rosenberg

Arianna Miller and Julia Wanger '20 organize their notes to prepare for the year ahead.

Here are five ways to head into the school year so you can start off strong and stay organized for the whole year.

Stay on top of your work.

When you get an assignment, try to get it done as soon as you can so you don’t have to worry about it closer to the due date. Having it done ahead of time also means that you have time to go back to it and ask questions before turning it in. This will give you more time to do the things you love during your free time instead of homework. 

Use binders or folders to stay organized.

An organized system helps when keeping track of papers and assignments handed out in class. Having either folders for each class or a binder with tabs for each class is a really good way to ensure you’re keeping track of everything. Also make sure you stay organized online; making folders for classes and setting reminders is super helpful. Bando.com has really great binders and folders that are also cute.

Use a planner.

Whether you use an online planner or a notebook, it is always helpful to write down your assignments as soon as you get them. Getting into the habit of writing things down assures that you don’t forget to do any homework. A great app you can download on your phone or computer is myhomework. It has places for your schedule, homework, tests and everything else.

Take time in your day to exercise or relax.

Ensuring that you’re in a good place with yourself first is the key to having a successful school life. If you ever feel stressed or anxious, exercise can be really helpful. Other ways to relieve stress include drawing, painting, writing, reading or watching your favorite movie. Another good way to relax is meditating.  A great website to use for meditation is www.calm.com. Remembering to breathe can help you clear your head and work through your anxiety and stress.

Find hobbies to keep yourself busy.

Making time to do what you love is crucial to staying happy and healthy when you’re stressed. Playing a sport or taking an art class can give you an outlet and take your mind off the huge test or project you have to work on. It’s really important to make sure you have a good balance of schoolwork and pursuing what you love to stay happy.