Student Store Board puts ‘hard work on display’ at Snack Shack opening


Photo credit: Liz Haltrecht

Students line up to purchase snacks at the Snack Shack’s opening.

Middle and upper school students alike lined up to attend the opening of the Snack Shack in the Village at lunch on Thursday, Oct. 11.

This year, the Snack Shack is carrying new items including Skinny Pop and dried apples. Yassi Soufer ’19, who has a role in Human Resources, said she was excited to introduce healthier snacks.

“The majority of the products from a couple of years ago were not as healthy,” she said. “Now, we are offering healthier alternatives.”

Soufer said she wants to have a successful year because the proceeds from the Snack Shack go towards funding Flexible Tuition.

“I’m really looking forward to trying to optimize as much profit as possible so we can raise money for Archer’s Financial Aid,” she said.

Sydney Banks ’21 attended the opening and said she looks forward to buying from the Snack Shack throughout the year.

“They did a really good job with [the Snack Shack], and I am really proud of everyone,” Banks said.

Student Store President Eden Motzkin ’19 said she had looked forward to the student body seeing the Snack Shack up and running again.

“The whole leadership board is really excited that we get to put all of our hard work on display, and I know the student body is excited to be able to purchase their old favorites and some new, exciting options,” Motzkin said.