Warp Trio performs ‘spin’ on classical music for Archer community


Photo credit: Liz Haltrecht

Students listen to today’s lunch performance by the Time Warp Trio. The group blends classical and modern styles.

Today during lunch, the Warp Trio gave a musical performance in the Rose Room. The quartet is comprised of three members, Rick Martinez, Mikael Darmanie and Ju-Young Lee, as well as one additional member who did not perform in today’s show, Josh Henderson. According to its website, the quartet plays “cross-genre chamber music” that is influenced by rock, jazz and classical styles.

Around 30 students showed up to the lunch performance, many of whom are involved in a cappella or orchestra.

Senior Michele Chung, who plays flute outside of Archer, attended the performance and thought that the music differed from what she is used to hearing.

“I really loved it,” she said. “I think that making a spin on something classical like cello, violin, piano and giving it a different genre makes it really interesting and fun for me and refreshing.”

Senior Sammy Raucher, the concertmaster of Archer’s orchestra, said that her musical background inspired her to attend the performance and allowed her to appreciate the musicians’ pieces.

“I wanted to come because I really like music,” Raucher said. “[I enjoy] any chance I get to listen to live music — especially this type, which sounds like a really cool mix of classical with other types of music.”