‘Just Add Water’: Yale improv group visits Archer


Photo credit: Justine Moore

The performers in “Just Add Water” act out “The World’s Fastest Musical.” Students had the opportunity to attend the show on Friday, Jan. 11 during lunch.

“Oscar Moment,” “World’s Fastest Musical,” and “Rydell” were just a few of the many unique games played by Yale’s improv troupe Just Add Water (JAW) in the Rose Room Friday, Jan. 11. during lunch.

According to JAW’s Facebook Page, the group “has been satisfying laugh-starved appetites since 1986 with its exciting and ever-changing brand of improvisational comedy.”

JAW performs not only on the Yale campus but at comedy clubs, private events, retirement homes and high schools.

“It seems pretty difficult because they literally make stuff up on the spot,” sophomore Norah Adler said after seeing the show.

The members of JAW performed in a multitude of different mediums, with spontaneous monologues based on the word “chandelier,” comedy skits, and even an impromptu musical called “Under the Door” as suggested by the audience.

Despite the comedic nature of the scenes, sophomore Courtney Wernick described JAW as “very professional.” Wernick is involved in Archer’s theater program and acting group drama queens.

“It was really interesting how they created full musicals in front of our eyes that weren’t planned,” Wernick said.

As an aspiring actress, sophomore Ruby Horton said she was inspired by the performance.

“I’m in Drama Queens, so I learned a lot about improv and thinking on your feet,” she said. “[I learned to] just make a decision and stick with it and keep going.”

Wernick echoed this sentiment, explaining what she learned as an actress.

“I learned to just let everything go and commit fully,” Wernick said, “even if it’s just for a minute scene.”