#EverydayJournalism: Impactful Oracle stories through the years


Photo credit: Lola Lamberg

The Journalism Education Association scheduled this year’s Scholastic Journalism Week from Feb. 18 to Feb. 24. Scholastic Journalism Week is intended to nationally support scholastic journalism. Graphic designed by Lola Lamberg ’21.

As the Archer student publication team celebrates Scholastic Journalism Week with an abundance of First Amendment appreciation and multiple hashtags, we, as members of the Oracle staff, reflect back on how #EverydayJournalism has impacted the Archer community throughout the years.


Archer Abroad Group Reflects on ‘Truly Transformative’ Trip to Guatemala

By Sydney Stone ’16

A current journalism major in college and a past co-Editor-In-Chief, Stone writes this 2014 feature detailing the experience of the 13 Archer girls who ventured to Guatemala during Thanksgiving break.


Spotlight: Head of School, Elizabeth English

By Sydney Stone ’16

Stone provides an in-depth look into the life of Head of School Elizabeth English and her journey to Archer, detailing from everything from English’s Boston roots to her work in a shop called “Mermaids on Main.” Stone writes about English’s hardships and triumphs throughout her career and her ultimate understanding of single-sex education. 


The mourning after: Clinton supporters at Archer come together following election results

By Eloise Rollins-Fife ’17

Following the 2016 presidential election, Rollins-Fife discusses the “shock” felt by many liberal Archer students. Rollins-Fife also reveals the perspective of a Trump supporter, former Archer student Alessandra Judaken, in the emotional aftermath of the election.

Coming Out Conservative: Being Republican at Archer

By Sydney Stone ’16

Stone utilizes this feature piece to reveal the “misconceptions” and discomfort students like interviewee Cameron Thompson ’18 face when revealing conservative viewpoints at a predominantly liberal school like Archer. Stone also interviews former History Department Chair Lucy Pinkwater to gain a faculty perspective on political discussion in a classroom environment.


Breaking the stigma: Mental health on campus and in the culture

By Eloise Rollins-Fife ’17

Rollins-Fife writes this feature on the stigmas faced by students with mental health conditions in educational environments, interviewing current senior Sarah Traenkle and Archer counselor Patty Lancaster. Rollins-Fife also reveals the effort on Archer’s campus to tackle mental health stigmas with current senior Stella Smyth’s Mental Health Club.


Commentary: Why I walked out of our ‘walkout‘” 

By Maya Wernick ’18

Wernick’s 2018 commentary piece sparked discussion on Archer’s campus. Wernick writes about her decision to walk out of Archer’s 17 minutes of silence in the courtyard for the then-recent Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Wernick notes that, when fellow students followed her to walk out of campus to participate in the occurring March for Our Lives protest, they epitomized Archer’s mission of female empowerment.


Why would I mispronounce my name?

By Celeste Ramirez ’20

This column explores Ramirez’s deliberation with addressing the correct pronunciation of her name and how the pronunciation differs at home and school. Ramirez discusses the personal impact that name pronunciation has had on herself and her family, in addition to communities of color as a whole.