Throwback Thursday: Teacher Edition


MR. HUTCHISON, age 5. This is his pre-school picture. He says, "three words to describe me are sweet, innocent, a ham!"

By Sydney Stone

In spirit of the popular Instagram trend, the Oracle brings you #throwbackthursday: Teacher Edition! Click on the first picture to start the slideshow and find out who these kids are now and what they were doing in the picture.

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  • MS. BENJ, age 15. Here she is taking her volleyball team picture for her freshman year. Three words to describe herself at that age would be "determined, happy, and competitive."

  • MR. GILLEN, age 2.This is a picture of Mr. Gillen's dad and himself in their boat when he lived in Florida. He says, "We used to go out looking for dolphins."

  • MS. FERRI, age 5. The picture was taken at Frontier Land in the Magic Kingdom. Ms. Ferri says, "The picture says it all!"

  • MS. BROWDER (right) with her sister and best friend. She says, "I do remember being shy, sleepy and cuddly. Extra cuddly."

  • MS. TAYLOR, age 14. In this picture, she is about to head out to 8th grade graduation. She says that three words to describe her at this moment are "anxious, ambitious, and a bad perm survivor."

  • MR. HUTCHISON, age 5. This is his pre-school picture. He says, "three words to describe me are sweet, innocent, a ham!"

  • MS. CARLETTO, age 3. Three words to describe herself would be a handful, rambunctious, and super happy.

  • MS. GEFFEN, age 3. In order to describe herself, she says, "I was clearly a ham (I put on lots of singing productions, plays and shows for the family), a bit bossy to my younger brother, and VERY chatty."

  • MS. DAHLIN, age 17. In this picture, she is sitting for a family picture. She describes herself as "gregarious, happy—a beach bum and a serious student all rolled in one!"

  • MS. NORTHRUP (right), age 7. This picture was taken on a family vacation to Oregon. Earlier that day, she had fallen and scraped her knee pretty badly. Three words to describe herself would be "shy, happy, and terrible bangs (they're so blunt cut and thick!)"

  • MR. BERNING, age 2. This picture was taken on Christmas, and Mr. Berning says, "This was a Tonka truck that I had for many years, until some kids across the street took it and left it at a park. Notice the old fashioned TV in the background. Very classy." In order to describe himself, he says, "I can't recall, though I hear that I was very well behaved and an absolutely delightful child with a large imagination."

  • MR. FISCHMAN, age 17. He says that this is a picture from a scrap book his wife kept when they first started dating. Three words he uses to describe himself here are "loud, amazing, and humble."

  • MS. STONE. The left picture is of June 1996 at her best friend Kristen's High School Graduation. The right side is of her and Kristen again in June 2000 at Kristen's College Graduation. She says, "Kristen and I met in 7th grade when she invited me to sit at her lunch table and she has been my very best friend for almost 25 years now. We have gone through almost every major milestone in our lives together and even though she lives almost 3000 miles away we remain just as close as we were back in middle school."

  • MS. PINKWATER, age 4. She says, "I am clearly combining all of my 4 year old obsessions—twizzlers, tutus and snoopy. It's amazing—my hair cut is exactly the same!"

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