Gift guides in the spirit of love

By London Sinclair, Podcast Editor

So you forgot the most romantic day of the year…but don’t fret because you’re not the first person to forget. If you missed the Valentine’s Day mark but are still looking to make it up to them (better late than never), here are four gift guides to meet all of your last-minute needs. Presenting the Valentine’s Day gift guide survival series: scroll through, add to cart, everything here is a safe bet. These gifts range from self-care to letting your loved ones know you care and can be used year-round. You’re welcome in advance. 


Gift guide: For the best friend

The best friend, the hard to please, the one who invokes gift-giving stress beyond compare all because you know them too well. For the ride or die that has proofread your social media posts, found the red sweater you thought you lost forever and made you tea even when it’s been your turn to make them tea for the last year. Thank you for holding onto our friendship because I know it’ll outlive any other romance (you are my greatest love). Maybe that was an oddly specific description and potentially a love letter in disguise to my twin flame, but look no further for the guide to your bestie on speed dial. 



Gift guide: For the significant other

I’ve never been in love, so I’m not one to talk, but I do know that gift-giving is in my blood, and these foolproof gifts, all under $50, will undoubtedly make them smile. A fabulous gift to go with their fabulous personality, from personal snack shopping services to a couple energy cleanse, I’ve got you covered. 



Gift guide: In the name of self-care

A holiday designed to give and receive love, this year I’m reminding you not to forget yourself. From your best friend, significant other, mother and maybe even a brother, your gift-giving list is long. Try putting yourself on the top of the list this year, prioritize time for a little TLC, and if you don’t know where to begin, this guide has all the groundbreaking goods. Sleep in on Sunday, take a luxurious soak, lotion your legs and put on your cozy clothes because there is no shame in self-care.



Gift guide: Just because I love you

For anyone in your life that you want to celebrate. When they ask, “what’s the occasion?” or “why did you get me something?” your response is simply, “just because I love you!”