Column: Gochu Gang: A Korean-Mexican fusion dream


Photo credit: Lily Miro

The pork (left), chicken (middle) and brisket (right) tacos in all of their glory. They are served with a charred green pepper that gives each taco a nice kick of spice.

By Lily Miro, Columnist

After taking on Los Angeles’ most well known Korean-Mexican food truck and loving it, I decided it was time to taste another fusion of these two wonderful cultures’ cuisines. After careful consideration, my dad and I decided to take a 30-minute drive to Torrance to check out the Gochu Gang food cart. Gochu Gang is a delicious food stand that is usually located right next to Monkish Brewing in Torrance on the weekends.

Gochu Gang was started as a way to bring cheap and quick Korean BBQ to the streets of LA. They marinate their brisket, bulgogi, pork belly and chicken in a special sauce that will have your mouth watering in seconds. Although not a food truck, they still operate like one, serving delicious food and making sure everything they use is fully portable — essentially the two factors that make a great food truck, right? Either way, why waste an opportunity to review amazing food?

And amazing food it was. We ended up ordering brisket, pork and chicken tacos, which all came with their special gochujang salsa and a mix of onions and cilantro. Fair warning, the salsa is spicy, so if you’re not into spice, get the salsa on the side.

I started with the brisket taco, and let me tell you, I saw stars after the first bite. This was 100% the best taco I have eaten in my entire life, and I have eaten a decent amount of tacos. The brisket was cooked in the traditional Korean BBQ style, so it was perfectly sweet and deliciously smoky. The amazing beef, nicely toasted corn tortilla, kick of the spicy gochujang salsa and crunch of the onions made for one drool-worthy taco.  

The chicken and pork tacos were amazing, but they didn’t have the same sweetness that the brisket had. The meat in both was a little saltier, yet delicious all the same. The tacos were served with a charred green pepper on the side, which, while spicy, was a perfect palate-cleanser after each taco. My dad and I loved the tacos so much that we went back and ordered two more brisket and pork ones to go. They were then devoured at my house by the rest of my family members. Needless to say, no one can resist a Korean BBQ taco. 

All in all, Gochu Gang ended up being the perfect place to continue my exploration of the Korean-Mexican fusion that I have come to know and love. Their menu is simple, which makes it easy to decide what you want. Plus, the atmosphere is unmatched. The stand is often set up next to different breweries, so if you are over the age of 21, you can sip a locally brewed beer while you munch on your tacos. If you’re looking for a delicious and quick bite to eat, or to enjoy unique street tacos with a bunch of beer connoisseurs, then head to Gochu Gang.

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Gochu Gang is easy, quick and delicious. They strategically locate their stands next to busier areas so that there is always a fun atmosphere around them. The service is great and they give you a buzzer that tells you when your food is ready, so you can venture off to wherever you want while you wait. The stand is perfect for a leisurely lunch, or a quick bite to eat — and the food is heavenly.