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Meet the Candidate: Rose Chuck

1) What leadership positions or experiences will make you a strong candidate for Exec Board? 

I feel completely capable and experienced to act as a strong Exec member given my experience for the past 2 years as class representative for my grade. Having had the experience to plan meetings/events, gather feedback, and make decisions for the better of the grade I am prepared to do this job on a larger scale and feel prepared to have the extra responsibility that comes as an Exec member. Additionally, I have played soccer since the wee age of 3. Soccer has taught me so many valuable lessons but most importantly it has shown me how to act as a leader while simultaneously being a team player. I have the skill set to be a strong and reliable exec member as well as work efficiently with the rest of Stuco to help make the 2022-2023 school year the best that it can be.

2) What three words describe your leadership style, and why? 

Hardworking: One area that I have always been confident in, is how much effort I put into any and all activities and work I do. You will never catch me slacking. I find it an extremely important quality to always be able to say you put in 100% effort and that is something I always do and will continue to do if elected for Exec.

Dedicated: Boy am I dedicated. Since being elected for class representative I have made it my mission to bring our grade closer and make us more spirited. I have many times had to beg and plead students to participate in activities and what not, and oftentimes I was turned down. I did not give up. I kept pushing and begging almost annoyingly and now our grade went from being ALWAYS, last or in the bottom two, to being in the top 3 of the spirit cup. I think my dedication to my grade speaks loudly to my ability as a leader. When I believe in something I will not give up trying to achieve or attain whatever it may be.  

Authentic: When I say I would describe myself as an authentic leader I mean real and genuine. I truly care deeply about Archer and believe that there are areas that I can make better and that I can be someone who the student body feels comfortable to go to. I will not make empty promises to the school and will always be honest. It is super important to me that the student body and faculty is not let down by the leaders they elect and I with all of my ability will not let that happen. 

3) As a student council leader, what are your main priorities for Student Council? For Archer?

Student council is designed primarily to act as a bridge between the faculty and student body. I hope to re-pair that bridge. Meaning, in my personal opinion, I feel the connection between the two sides has been a bit lost, and in no way is anyone to blame for this, it just often seems that there is little to no power that the students have. This is something I want to change and have the Student Council be at the forefront of. Beyond planning events, I truly want the representatives elected by each grade to collaborate with the faculty and teachers for the better of the students and Archer as a whole. As for Archer, I think everyone can agree that we just need a good year. Coming out of covid and with so many grades and people having to become accustomed to school again, I consider this year a trial year. Next year I want everything to be bigger and better than it ever has been and really give everyone the good year that they deserve and want.

4) What are your plans for building community and inclusion at Archer?

In my years as a class representative I have prioritized improving and building connections in my grade and believe I have done just that. I think that the way to build connections and make the student body closer is by having people learn more about each other individually. Beyond planning more grade v grade competitions, games, and creating a buddy system which are all things I wish to do, I really want to give everyone a chance to show off what they love. We have such a talented student body here and I know many have business outside of school, food related or not and are a part of amazing charities. I want to show this through hosting a flea/farmers market at Archer. Where people can host booths showing off their amazing talents and sell what it is they love to do (cupcakes, earrings, clothes) all proceeds could go to charities, their grade budgets, any where they choose. Additionally I believe it’s important to be authentic and create an environment where everyone at Archer feels safe to have important conversations as well as seek help when it is needed. This can be accomplished by hosting monthly lunches or having an ongoing google form where anyone can complain or give feedback and exec would look to help. 

5) List all co-curricular activities, school sponsored or otherwise, that you plan to be involved in next year, including the approximate time you spend on each per week.

  • Club soccer: 8 hours per week 
  • High School Soccer (November-February): 8 hours per week
  • Volunteer Work: 2-3 hours per week 
  • School-Clubs: 2-3 hours per week

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