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Meet the Candidate: Zoe Griffin

1) What leadership positions or experiences will make you a strong candidate for Exec Board?

Debate Captain, Co-Leader of Billionaire Girls Club, BSU Leadership Board, Ambassador Leadership Team, Athletic Leadership Team, and Leaders United for Change Supervisor and Tutor.  

2) What three words describe your leadership style?

Visionary, Trailblazer, Democratic

3) As a student council leader, what are your main priorities for the Student Council Executive Board? For Archer?

I will bring my enthusiasm, my leadership skills, and a fresh set of ideas to the Executive Board. Specifically, I will bring my great listening and communication skills, along with my supportive nature so I can make certain everyone is heard. I will wholeheartedly support my fellow classmates by allowing them an opportunity to discuss and address issues that are important to them. My main priority will be being a leader for everyone at Archer which means always encouraging diversity, equity, and inclusion. I pride myself on being open-minded and receptive to feedback. For the last 6 years, I have been on the ‘student side’ of student government and I have learned a lot from my fellow peers. I have seen what didn’t work and what I would like to improve upon. I know what it feels like when it seems as if your opinions aren’t valued by the students who are supposed to be representing you, which is something I’m really hoping to change when elected. 

4) What are your plans for building community and inclusion at Archer?

I have many plans for building community with the ideas that I have been cultivating and refining every year since I began Archer in 2016. Under my leadership, everyone will get an opportunity to speak and be heard, and most importantly be respected for their contribution. You all know me as an outgoing, forward-thinking individual with a passion for learning more about the world around me which I will conduct through open forum dialogue.  

My vision for building community and inclusion at Archer includes a safe space for everyone to discuss issues that we face at school as well as in the community.  We can achieve this by creating open dialogue within the school and making the process easier for people to get their passions showcased, thereby promoting inclusivity.

I will propose monthly school wide town halls where anyone who has a concern or just wants to ask for advice can come and discuss their issue with someone older. This will promote more connectivity with the older and younger grades as well as provide upper schoolers with an opportunity to have more free time to spend doing homework or bonding with the greater Archer community.

5) List all co-curricular activities, school-sponsored or otherwise, that you plan to be involved in next year, including the approximate time you spend on each per week?

I can assure you that the Executive Board will receive my full attention as I am great at managing my time and prioritizing events. At Archer, I am on the Speech and Debate Team, the BSU Exec Board, the ALT, the Varsity Softball Team, and the ALC. Outside of Archer, I volunteer every weekend as a mentor/tutor for Leaders United for Change.  Each Archer activity typically meets after-school and the volunteer mentoring/tutoring takes place on Saturday evenings.  

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