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Meet the Candidate: Tess Hubbard

1) What leadership positions or experiences will make you a strong candidate for Exec Board?

I have been a rep for the past two years, where I have learned so much about staying on top of tasks, listening to what people want, and leading teams to make stuff happen. I also run a farmers market event for Level Up Los Angeles, where I have to organize our group to sign up for events, keep track of the money we raise from said events, and lead the team in our efforts to fundraise. Here at Archer, I have served on the ambassador leadership team, film festival leadership board, and I help run communications for our Inventeam.

2) What three words describe your leadership style, and why?

Confetti 🎊, Slime✨, and Karaoke🎤

Okay I know that sounds crazy, but confetti represents my spirit and enthusiasm. I lead with excitement and I like to think it helps others get excited about projects as well. Not to mention I think spirit is super important to help run the aptly named “spirit cup”! Slime represents being a team player. I don’t know if any of you had that slime phase back in 2016, but if you did then you definitely know slime is moldable. As a leader, I am like slime in that I adapt to do what is necessary for the team. Finally, karaoke represents communication – both listening to you and being transparent with you. Those karaoke mics, they project even the quietest sound and make it easy to hear. As a leader I strive to clearly communicate everything (the good, the bad, the ugly) and to be attentive to all.

3) As a student council leader, what are your main priorities for Student Council? For Archer?

As an exec board member, I will lead by the “the same but better” standard. I absolutely love Archer’s many spirit days (and I know you all do too), so I want to prioritize preserving their magic. That being said, I am looking to build upon the foundation we already have. For example, I want to add more activities to first Fridays, so that we have more to look forward to. I also want StuCo to be more involved in Archer sports by holding poster-making sessions and promoting game days to the school. Now I know not everyone is an athlete, so I also want StuCo to support our talented artists by holding more art fairs. The one we held this year was absolutely amazing, but I know that there is so much more art to show off, so why don’t we hold them more than once a year? I also plan to adapt to whatever the future brings, so even though I don’t know exactly what next year entails, I pinky-promise to do my very best to protect the magic that is student council!

4) What are your plans for building community and inclusion at Archer?

I think the best way to build community and inclusion at Archer is … to make everyone feel included. I know that sounds obvious, but I think it’s really important. As an exec board member, I hope to plan spirit cup activities that appeal to everyone. I know that there are so many people who want to participate, but don’t want to be put on the spot in something like a game of trivia in front of the whole school. So, I want to make sure that there are tons of different ways people can earn spirit points for their grade. Additionally, I want to highlight people who are doing incredible things. This year, I helped create a shoutout system for my grade, so that we could give people the recognition they deserve. I hope to continue that on an all-school level by creating some sort of student council website with athletic, arts, or club shoutouts. I also want to re-establish grade suggestion boxes. In order for everyone to feel included, they have to have a voice, and, in my opinion, the best way to do that is by giving each grade a suggestion box (either in person, or a virtual form) where people can anonymously submit questions, feedback, and ideas. 

5) List all co-curricular activities, school-sponsored or otherwise, that you plan to be involved in next year, including the approximate time you spend on each per week.

🎭 The Musical/Play: 5-6ish hours (depends on the week!)

🎹 Piano: 2 hours

💡Community service: 2 hours

🎉 Various other clubs: 1 hour

But ……. I like to think time management is a strength of mine, and I promise I will have or make time for exec 🙂

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