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Sophomores research, ‘develop historical interest’ in inquiry project

Sydney Raucher '21 uses her computer and library materials to work on her history project. The project assigned to the sophomore class was created out of a hope to instill a love for history.

By Amelia Stone, Staff Writer

May 29, 2019

Tenth-grade history teacher Nick Graham said that "developing a broader interest and curiosity" was his goal for the historical inquiry project he assigned to the sophomore class. Graham asked his students to write a paper about any historical concept they were interested in, so long as it took place ou...

Annual STEM Symposium ‘inspiring,’ ‘important’ experience

Junior Hannah Kim presents her design for an artificial intelligence mobile application and alarm system that identifies an emergency vehicle's siren. Annually, students present their research in the STEM fields at Archer's STEM conference.

By Nicki Rosenberg, Managing Editor

May 29, 2019

After a year of experimenting with fruit flies and learning how to code, students from four Los Angeles area high schools presented their research in the fields of molecular biology, chemistry, physics and engineering at Archer’s annual STEM Symposium on May 18. This year, the participants included...

‘I am channeling my inner Archer girl’: Middle School Director, Assistant Head Pavliscak to become Associate Head

Eighth graders Uma Bajaj, Karen Pavliscak, Daisy Marmur, Genevieve Sieve, Sydney Frank, Juliet Katz, Zoe Woolenberg and Margaret Morris sit with Pavliscak on the front steps. Pavliscak is currently serving as Middle School director and Assistant Head of School and will assume the role of Associate Head at the beginning of July.

By Amelia Stone and Celeste Ramirez

May 15, 2019

Fear. Excitement. Dogs. These are three things incoming Associate Head of School and current Middle School Director and Assistant Head Karen Pavliscak said are important to her new role. On March 5, community members received an email that announced Pavliscak's new position and stated that she would...

Breaking News: Executive Board election results

Grace Wilson '20, Angelica Gonzalez '20, Sophie Larbalestier '20 and Madis Kennedy '21 will serve as the executive board for the 2019-2020 school year.

By Oracle Editorial Board

May 1, 2019

Cheers filled the Dining Hall as 10 freshmen, sophomores and juniors gave speeches in hopes of being elected to the Student Council Executive Board for the 2019-2020 school year. After hearing from the group candidates, the Archer student body voted via a Google form in advisory. The rising senior with t...

Literature & Conference brings students together for exploration of literature

This panel, titled

By Liz Haltrecht, Culture Editor

April 21, 2019

Once a year, Archer's English department facilitates the Literature & Conference in the library. This conference invites Archer students and students in the greater Los Angeles community to share essays or pieces of artwork that comment on literature with an audience. This year's conference, which...

‘There are no words’: Community members reflect upon Christchurch shootings

A New Zealand flag surrounded by flowers at the tribute wall set up at the Botanic Gardens.  Archer Student Support Coordinator and Junior Class Dean Jennifer Dohr was

By Molly Goldberg and Lola Lamberg

April 18, 2019

“Shock,” “horror” and “disgust” were just a few words used by Archer Student Support Coordinator and Junior Class Dean Jennifer Dohr to describe her reaction to the March 15 mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand. The accused shooter, 28-year-old Australia-native Brenton Tarrant, killed and injured over 5...

‘It’s absolutely tragic’: Archer reacts to Notre Dame Cathedral fire

The Notre Dame Cathedral caught on fire April 15 at 5:30 p.m.

By Emma London, Staff Writer

April 15, 2019

A crowd gathers around the burning remnants of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Some are praying, while others sing hymns such as Ave Maria. However, it's not just Paris that watches the church burn — the world watches too. The fire began at 5:30 p.m. on April 15 and destroyed two-thirds of the cathedral roof, though the towers remained safe. French President Emmanuel Macron spo...

‘A lot of memories are going to be made here’: Archer celebrates opening of Academic Center

Head of School Elizabeth English and co-founder Diana Meehan, flanked by Board of Trustees chair Frank Marshall, Zoe Griffin '23 and Student Body President Juliet Youssef, cheer immediately after the ribbon-cutting at the ceremony. All Archer students were invited to the stage for the ribbon-cutting.

By Rio Hundley and Anna Brodsky

April 14, 2019

Though the courtyard is usually empty on hot afternoons, it was full of students, teachers, alumni, parents and trustees on Saturday, April 13. The Archer community came together to celebrate the opening of the Diana Meehan Center — colloquially known as the Academic Center — which includes 33 new...

Youth Climate Protest ’empowering’, ‘student-led’

Archer students hold up posters for the youth protest outside of City Hall. The youth climate strike occurred to give protesters a platform to speak up against climate change.

By Liz Haltrecht and Ella Frey

April 11, 2019

On March 15, among the high-rises of Downtown Los Angeles and many other cities across the world, the youth community gathered together to join in protest for the Youth Climate Strike. The strike was organized by Co-Executive Directors and founders of the march Isra Hirsi and Haven Coleman. Accordi...

Archer celebrates Pi Day with week of math challenges

For the Pi day festivities, math students decorated each link of a paper chain with a digit of Pi. In addition to creating the chain, students participated in scavenger hunts and fundraisers related to math.

By Thea Leimone, Emma London, and Liz Haltrecht

March 21, 2019

March 14 marks Pi Day, and Archer coordinated math events throughout the week to celebrate. Pi is the mathematical constant whose first three digits are 3, 1 and 4, hence the date of Pi Day. "I really like math, so I feel like it's fun to have a week where we do activities celebrating Pi," sophomore...

Accreditation team evaluates Archer

An accreditor delivers part of the final report to Archer's staff and faculty in the Dining Hall on Feb. 6.

By Lola Lamberg and Allie Worchell

March 21, 2019

It took dozens of hours, 44 staff members and 71 faculty members to compile the 150 page self-assessment that Archer wrote to preface the accreditation process. Two months later, from Feb. 4 to Feb. 6, department chairs, division heads, teachers and administrators from independent schools all over California...

‘I honestly wasn’t surprised’: Archer reacts to college admissions scheme

College pennants hang in the hallway. Last Tuesday, top universities including Yale, Stanford and University of Southern California were revealed to be part of a scheme that the FBI dubbed

By Emma London and Liz Haltrecht

March 20, 2019

In an affidavit released on March 12, 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigations [FBI] indicted 50 people of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. The FBI titled this case "Operation Varsity Blues." Fraudulent acts ranged from doctoring images of students playing sports to che...

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