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DMV Tips for Success from a Permit Test Failure

Sophomore eagerly awaits the day when she can sit in the drivers seat... and have the keys in the ignition. Photographer: Marcela Riddick '16

By Beatrix Rowland

April 30, 2014

Want to pass your permit test with flying colors? Use these tips for success; they are guaranteed to help you pass. Read More »...

3 LA Hotspots To Beat Your Weekend Blues

3 LA Hotspots To Beat Your Weekend Blues

By Helena Heslov

April 29, 2014

Do you ever find yourself with no weekend plans besides watching Netflix at home? Try something new next time and visit one of LA's hotspots for a memorable day out. Read More »...

Sophomore Writes ‘Punny’ Review of ‘Divergent’

Sophomore Writes 'Punny' Review of ‘Divergent'

By Marcela Riddick

April 25, 2014

Haley Cohen '16 loves puns. Her recent review of the movie “Divergent" is sure to make you laugh. Thank you Haley for your contribution to the Oracle! Read More »...

Archer Email Tests Patience

Archer Email Tests Patience

By Sara Seaman

April 10, 2014

Finally collapsing onto my bed after a long day in March— the month of sleepless nights and early mornings—I sit up to painfully begin the piles of work due tomorrow. Read More »...

Student Art: Deep Waters

Original illustration by Sara Seaman

By Sara Seaman

April 9, 2014

 Drawn by Sara Seaman '16.  ...

Creative Writing Class Publishes Winter Edition of ‘Pillars of Salt’

Last spring's issue of the Upper School Lit Mag— Pillars of Salt.

By Sydney Stone

March 20, 2014

Archer's Literary Magazine "Pillars of Salt" publishes incredible student work twice a year.  The creative writing class assembles this collection of poetry, prose, fiction, photography, drawing, images of ceramics, painting, and other student work. This year's winter literary magazine was just released...

Flappy Bird— The Trend With an End

Flappy Bird— The Trend With an End

By Kayry Gonzalez

February 20, 2014

“Nooooooooooooo!” Screams fill the hallway as the cursed Flappy Bird crashes into a pipe and falls to the ground. The words “Game Over” flash on the screen. This is not the first time a game epidemic has swept over the minds of smartphone users, but for the first time, the fever dissipated a...

Short Story: ‘Remember This’

Short Story: 'Remember This'

By Sara Seaman

February 19, 2014

I never feel less alone when I drive through the city, by myself, in the middle of the night. And I never feel more isolated when I’m standing in a room full of people, completely unneeded and irrelevant. -But I’ll tell you, watching the lights fly by through my little glass box, like a fish in a...

7 Ways to Enjoy Mammoth on Warm Winter Days

7 Ways to Enjoy Mammoth on Warm Winter Days

By Haley Jamieson

January 28, 2014

Many people venture to Mammoth Mountain during the winter to either ski or snowboard. The ample snow makes these activities safe, and fun. But when spring approaches early, the mountain becomes abundant in rocks and disgruntled skiers. Mammoth Mountain offers other activities to do as you wait for the s...

5 Ways to Cool Down in the Winter

Sun hand. Photgrapher: Carina Oriel '16

By Kayry Gonzalez

January 24, 2014

Because California is known for its warm climate and beautiful weather all year round, we expect sunny blue skies. But 80 degrees in January? Really? Read More »...

Photo Gallery: The Dogs of Archer

Kuma and Ziggy ponder a new name for Archer.
Photographer: Syd Stone '16

By Sydney Stone

January 17, 2014

Everyone knows that dogs are a big part of the culture at Archer, but did you know that this tradition dates back to the founding of the school? Read More »...

7 Reasons to Love Winter in Los Angeles

7 Reasons to Love Winter in Los Angeles

By Madison Richardson

December 13, 2013

Some people love winter, and others despise it. Because winter signifies the arrival of mildly cold weather and of stress-inducing finals week, Archer students often forget to acknowledge the many advantages of the season.  Read More »...

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