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Top 5 Community Service Opportunities

Top 5 Community Service Opportunities

By Gaia Richardson

December 11, 2013

With the season of giving approaching, it seems to be the ideal time to consider community service opportunities. Here's a look at our top five: Read More »...

Throwback Thursday: Teacher Edition

MR. HUTCHISON, age 5.  This is his pre-school picture.  He says,

By Sydney Stone

December 5, 2013

In spirit of the popular Instagram trend, the Oracle brings you #throwbackthursday: Teacher Edition! Click on the first picture to start the slideshow and find out who these kids are now and what they were doing in the picture.

‘Spametry’: Spam Poetry

By Sydney Stone

November 19, 2013

Every day the Oracle staff receives comments, many of which are insightful, supportive, and thoughtful.  However, occasionally a bit of spam slips in there.   Read More »...

While Visions of Turkey Danced in their Heads

While Visions of Turkey Danced in their Heads

By Sara Seaman

November 14, 2013

As Thanksgiving break nears, dreamy excitement grows in the eyes of Archer girls.  Read More »

Beware the Tolerable Cold

Students cuddle with one another for warmth. Notice the scarf and how they planned ahead for the day to dress for the cold weather. 
Used with permission from: 
Marcela Riddick '16

By Sara Seaman

November 11, 2013

As Summer rolls out and the sweet smell of artificial pumpkin rolls in with the fall, Los Angeles has begun its usual freak out from the approximately 10-15 degree weather drop.  Read More »...

Photo Gallery: 10 Objects that Define Archer

THE MAYPOLE is put up on May 1 every year by the senior class, and sixth graders weave the ribbons together in the Maypole Dance on Moving Up Day.  The tradition of the Archer maypole dates back to the days when the women from the Eastern Star home inhabited these halls and an anonymous neighbor erected it for them each year. 
Photographer: Daniel In

By Sydney Stone

November 8, 2013

Wandering the halls of Archer, you might notice some things that you wouldn't normally see in a school. You might see a dog lying in the middle of a hallway, red Spanish-style tiles on your way to class, or a plate of cupcakes just sitting in the middle school hallway.  Below are just some of the many...

Archer Students Value Food Above All Else

A yummy treat created by hungry Archer Girls.
Source: Archer Facebook

By Madison Richardson

October 25, 2013

The prevalence of food at Archer has always been subject to friendly mockery, signified by Archer’s unofficial name as the “Archer School for Food.” Read More »...

Photo Gallery: Fall Art

Photo Gallery: Fall Art

By Sydney Stone

October 23, 2013

The air is cooler, the leaves have changed color, and new pieces of artwork are on display! Read More »

Video: Dream Team Senior Retreat

A group of seniors enjoying their time together on Santa Cruz Island. Photographer: Kristin Taylor

By Oracle Staff

October 9, 2013

Alana O'Mara '14 created this video to commemorate the four-day senior retreat, which took place Sept. 24-27. Read More »...

Celebrate National Poetry Month!


By Ms. Taylor

April 10, 2013

Love poetry? Share it! Here are 30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month. If you are a poet and you know it, you can also participate in Archer's annual Poet Laureate Contest. Read More »...

Short Story: ‘I Missed the Beat’

Short Story: 'I Missed the Beat'

By Lola Wolf

March 21, 2013

Part One- Chance Evans I had trained hard for this. This race meant more than my life to me. More than playing double bass, more than my cat, Blue, more than anything. My best friend Jae was right next to me: “Chance, you’ll do great! You’ve sprinted twice this distance in less than ten mi...

The Masked Jokers!

The Masked Jokers!

By Mr. Robertson

December 12, 2012


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