‘Reconstructing Amelia’ is riveting read

By Alexandra Chang, Managing Editor/Culture Editor

Kimberley McCreight’s “Reconstructing Amelia” is the perfect fusion of “Gone Girl” and “Gossip Girl.” Protagonist Amelia Baron, an extremely intelligent and Virginia Woolf obsessed 15-year-old, has committed suicide by jumping off her school’s roof after being caught for plagiarizing an English paper… But did she really do this to herself?

Amelia’s work-a-holic single mother, Kate, believed the story until she received an anonymous text that changed everything: “Amelia didn’t jump.”

The narration of the novel alternates between the perspectives of Amelia and Kate, which makes the book even more compelling because the reader is yearning to find out what information the other narrator knows.

Kate quickly realizes she cannot trust anyone and tries to uncover the true cause of her daughter’s shocking death.

The plotline is extremely riveting; I finished reading the 380-page book in less than a day. The progression of the story flows well and it makes the reader not want to put the book down for even a minute.

McCreight’s descriptions of the characters are also exceptionally thorough and detailed — I was not certain of exactly what happened or who was involved until the final sentence of the book.

I would recommend “Reconstructing Amelia” to those who are 15+ based on the level of appropriateness and suggestive themes. McCreight’s debut novel is extremely well-written and captivating, and I look forward to reading her second book which will be released in April 2015.