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2018-2019 Staff

Oracle Editorial Board

Editorial Board

The Oracle's student editorial board, led by the Editor-in-Chief, makes all decisions that pertain directly to the Oracle and has final say over all content. Views stated in editorials represent that of the majority of the editorial...

Anna Brodsky


Anna Brodsky joined the Oracle staff in 2016. She took a hiatus  for the 2017-2018 school year to fulfill her art credit by serving as copy editor for the yearbook. She returned to the Oracle in 2018 as Editor-in-Chief. During...

Ella Frey

News & Features Editor

Ella Frey joined the Oracle writing staff in 2016 and was promoted to sports editor junior year. She currently serves as the news and features editor. She has been a competitive equestrian for 10 years. She enjoys participating...

Molly Goldberg

Sports Editor

Molly Goldberg joined the Oracle staff in 2017 as a staff writer and was promoted Sports Editor for her junior year. She was born in Los Angeles and has spent all of her life here. Molly has been an Archer student since sixth...

Liz Haltrecht

Culture Editor

Liz Haltrecht joined the Oracle staff in 2016 and remained a contributing writer in 2017. She is so excited to take on the role of Culture Editor in the 2018-2019 school year. In her free time, she loves to travel with her fa...

Lola Lamberg

Voices Editor

Lola Lamberg joined the Oracle in 2017 as a political columnist and is now the Voices Editor. In her spare time she enjoys listening to 90's music, reading and traveling. This year, she is excited to play varsity tennis for...

Allie Worchell

Multimedia Editor

Allie Worchell joined The Oracle writing staff in 2017.  This year she is excited to be a member of the editorial board as the Multimedia Editor.  In school she is on the Peer Support team as well as the co-president of Human...

Nicki Rosenberg

Managing Editor

Nicki Rosenberg joined the Oracle in 2017 and is excited to continue writing. She serves as a member on the Eastern Star Gallery board and is also a member of Peer Support. She is excited to continue co-leading the Heartbeats...

Rio Hundley

Staff Writer

Rio Hundley wrote her first article for the Oracle in 2017, as a culture correspondent. She is very excited to be joining this year as a staff writer. She participates in Archer's Upper School plays. Outside of school, she enjoys...

Thea Leimone

Staff Writer

Thea Leimone joined the Oracle as a Staff Writer in 2018. She loves swimming and will be joining the Archer swim team 2018-2019. She is also a part of Model United Nations. In her free time, you can find her hanging out with friends,...

Emma London

Staff Writer

Emma London joined the Oracle as a correspondent in 2017 and as a staff writer in 2018. She is on Archer's equestrian team and plays the viola in upper school orchestra. She loves to write poetry and listen to music in her free...

Celeste Ramirez

Staff Writer

Celeste Ramirez joined the Oracle as a columnist in 2017 and as a staff member in 2018. Her column focuses on diversity at Archer, highlighting the connection between her Latina culture and life at Archer. During the school ye...

Chloe Richards

Staff Writer

Chloe Richards joined the Oracle as a Staff Writer in the 2018. She is on the Varsity Tennis Team at Archer, is in the Upper School Choir and participates in the Upper School Play during the spring.

Amelia Stone

Staff Writer

Amelia Stone joined the Oracle as a staff writer in 2018. She loves tennis and plays for the Archer varsity team. She is involved in Archer's Model United Nations club and works at the California Heritage Museum outside of school....

Zoe Bush


Zoe Bush became a columnist in the 2018-2019 school year. Her column focuses on nature. She hopes to share her knowledge and make readers laugh in the process. She is involved with theater at Archer and you may often find her...

Caitlin Chen


Caitlin Chen joined the Oracle as a columnist in 2018. Her column focuses on the Archer athletic program, as well as sports outside of the Archer community. She is a three-sport varsity athlete in cross country, basketball, and...

Lauren Evans-Katz


Lauren Evans-Katz became an Oracle columnist in 2018. Her co-written column with Grace Wilson reflects life and culture in Los Angeles, specifically among teenagers. She explores both personal anecdotes and stereotypes surrounding...

Grace Wilson


Grace Wilson became an Oracle columnist in 2018. Her co-written column with Lauren Evans-Katz retrospectively explores teen culture in Los Angeles and its effects on her identity. She is an avid reader, punk-rock aficionado and...

Courtney Wernick


Courtney Wernick became a columnist in 2018. She focuses on food for picky eaters and writes about how to survive holidays and other events through the lens of her limited palate.

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