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Students take action, spread importance of voting with When We All Vote

Pictured is the logo of the When We All Vote organization. When We All Vote aims to spread awareness towards the importance of voting and why people should to take action.

By Nyah Fernandez, Multimedia Editor

October 7, 2020

As the presidential election looms, youth have taken action by spreading awareness of the importance of voting through an organization called  When We All Vote created by former first lady Michelle Obama. According to the organization’s website, "When We All Vote is a non-profit, nonpartisan organi...

Students adapt service learning projects amid pandemic

Lauren Robson with a leader from the Meals on Wheels organization who helped Robson launch her senior outreach program. Robson's outreach projects is one of the unique service opportunities that COVID-19 has created.

By Thea Leimone, Culture Editor

September 25, 2020

Schools have moved to remote spaces, sports practices are socially distanced and previously normal interactions with friends are no longer common. Due to this new environment, Archer students involved in service learning projects, which often involves in-person interactions, have been made to adapt....

New year, new president: Q&A with Francesca Cappello

Student body president Francesca Cappello created this digital poster when campaigning in May. Along with the goals laid out on the poster, Cappello said she plans to try to retain a sense of normalcy for this school year.

By Grace Doyle, Sports Editor

September 18, 2020

Senior Francesca Cappello is Archer's new student body president. With three years of grade-level representative experience and new ideas for the school year, Cappello said she is ready to take on all this year's challenges. The Oracle conducted a phone interview with Capello to acquire her perspective...

Photo Essay: Through the eyes of Lauren Robson in quarantine

Junior Lauren Robson uses crampons to hike up the snow on Wilson Peak in Colorado. Robson and her dad reached an elevation of 14,016 feet on this summit.

By Nyah Fernandez, Multimedia Editor

September 7, 2020

This photo essay is a part of the Oracle photo essay series called “Through the Eyes of.” This series features students, faculty and staff at Archer and uses photo, audio and video to depict their individual experience at Archer. This particular photo essay uses text and images.  Due to the C...

College during COVID: Class of 2020 experience freshman year in university in a “multiplicity” of ways

Class of 2020 alum Faith Hernandez sits socially distanced with her fellow students at Vassar College in New York. Vassar has resumed on-campus operations, but requires that students follow social distancing guidelines at all times.

By Rio Hundley, Features Editor

September 7, 2020

After an unorthodox end to their senior year due to COVID-19, Archer's class of 2020 is beginning an equally unprecedented college experience. Between gap years, going abroad and staying home on Zoom, the graduated class is spending their first year of adulthood in a multitude of ways amongst a global...

‘We are the kids who are spearheading change’: Youth in Government fosters politically engaged youth

Ford McDill, a rising senior at Harvard Westlake, ran for president at the East Valley delegation for the 2020-2021 YMCA Youth in Government program. According to junior Leo Hecht,

By London Sinclair, Staff Writer

June 7, 2020

High school students throughout the nation are assembling, marching and using their voices to speak up on issues such as the Youth Climate Strike, immigrant rights, March for Our Lives and the Black Lives Matter movements. Despite the stereotype, that teens are too attached to social media to pay...

‘Every kid is more than a number’: Educators, students express perspectives on grading systems

Tenth grade students Chidimma Nwafor, Alexa Marsh and Andrea Ramirez study for a chemistry final. They are helping each other through practice problems from their chemistry packets.

By Nyah Fernandez, Staff Writer

June 7, 2020

After a seven hour school day and a two hour cross country or track pratice, sophomore Chidimma Nwafor arrives home and begins her homework. Nwafor estimates she spends four hours on homework per night. This student-athlete maintains balance with her homework and practice with strategic management which...

‘It would just be nice to see someone who looked like me’: Community members reflect on Archer diversity

This illustration depicts two teachers of color in a classroom with eager students. As of now 23% of Archer's faculty identify a POC. Digital illustration: Molly Solowitz.

By Cadence Callahan, Staff Reporter

June 6, 2020

During Archer's annual Diversity Conference, a school day focused on educating and promoting diversity, students were given the option to split into their affinity groups and debrief after watching the documentary "Documented." During Black Student Union's [BSU] debrief, the conversation led to students a...

Archer sixth grader Yasmine Haddad shares global insight on COVID-19

This screenshot is from the title screen of sixth grader Yasmine Haddad's video about how children around the world are impacted by COVID-19.

By Nyah Fernandez, Multimedia Editor

May 31, 2020

Sixth grader Yasmine Haddad knew how she was being impacted by the novel coronavirus, but she wondered how other children around the world felt. To find an answer, she completed a project where she interviewed children around the world to see how COVID-19 has impacted their lives. On Jan. 31, 2020, Pres...

‘Not adequate enough’: Los Angeles residents reflect on city’s beauty standards

In this photo staged by junior Emily Eshel, a girl stands on a scale that reads

By Chloe Fidler, Staff Writer

May 21, 2020

From flashy cars to green juices, West Los Angeles can seem like the perfect place to live. The Santa Monica beach always bustles with people because it is basically sunny year-round, and Rodeo drive is full of tourists and luxury shops. According to a U.S. News and World Report survey, Los Angeles is the ...

Do uniforms really create socioeconomic equity?: Designer items while in uniform

One of the most prominent brands on campus is Gucci. This Archer student is wearing Gucci Ace leather sneakers, which are listed on the Gucci site for $590.

By Cydney Johnson, Staff Reporter

May 21, 2020

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, almost half of all high school students wear a school uniform. Uniforms have grown in popularity annually since 1996, when then-president Bill Clinton said that school uniforms would give students the opportunity to "evaluate themselves by what they...

Photo Essay: Through the eyes of Addison Lee

Seniors Norah Adler and Addison Lee at the Global Climate Strike earlier this school year.

By Celeste Ramirez, Multimedia Editor

May 21, 2020

This photo essay is a part of the Oracle photo essay series called “Through the eyes of.” This series features students, faculty and staff at Archer and uses photo, audio and video to depict their individual experience at Archer. This particular photo essay uses text, images and video.  Last year, ju...

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