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Review: Kali Uchis ‘Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios)’ is the album you didn’t know you needed right now

By Andrea Ramirez, Staff Reporter February 28, 2021

Singer-songwriter Karly-Marina Loaiza, better known as her stage name Kali Uchis, dropped her new album "Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios)'"in November 2020. On Nov. 24, the album took the second...

The middle school Orchestra performs a song during the Winter Concert. The musicians recorded two videos, one for audio and one for visual, which were then edited together and added to virtual background and streamed on Vimeo.

Musical magic: Winter Concert adapts to virtual setting

By Thea Leimone and Greta Irvine February 11, 2021

The middle school choir sings in a virtual kitchen, dressed in aprons while whisking up treats and the upper school orchestra performs the song "Snowflake" surrounded by an image nighttime snowfall. Having...

Erewhons hot bar has a new selection of sides every day made fresh that morning. All their ingredients are sourced locally.

Review: Every Angelenos’ dream and addiction: Erewhon

By Rose Sarner, Staff Reporter February 6, 2021

The god of healthy overpriced food makes Bristol Farms, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's look like they need a reboot. If you ask any young Los Angeles resident where all their money goes, Erewhon is most...

German film,

Review: ‘Run Lola Run’ is the change of pace you need right now

By Greta Irvine, Staff Reporter February 6, 2021

Dying my hair has never been on my bucket list....not that it would fit the Archer dress code anyways. But after following Lola through the streets of Berlin with a fiery red bob, I may have to rethink...

Sophomore, Isabelle Verdery, performs a song over Zoom during an audition for the upper school musical, 'The Drowsy Chaperone'. The live singing auditions were designed to

Break a leg! …virtually: Upper school musical auditions begin

By Greta Irvine, Staff Reporter January 31, 2021

Archer theatre is taking the pandemic in stride as they begin preparations for this semester's upper school musical. After adjusting to the atypical format of online learning, Director of Arts and Director...

Marley Mills photographed her sister, Archer alumni Siena Mills for her Advanced Photography class.

Premiere virtual arts exhibit displays ‘powerful work’ of photography students

By Andrea Ramirez, Staff Reporter January 19, 2021

Archer's art department has launched the Arts at Archer website in order to showcase student's artwork in this virtual setting. The first exhibit titled, "Portraits in Photography" was shared last month,...

Sophomore Eliza Tiles collects a bucket of mud to later turn into clay. Tiles was able to collect clay for her ceramics class while she was

‘Clay is not compatible with computers:’ Ceramics classes adapt to remote learning

By Rose Sarner, Staff Reporter January 18, 2021

Fifty-nine girls sit down at their desks with a block of clay, each one with a different studio setup, direction and project.  Every student taking an Archer ceramics class this semester has been given...

Juliet, played by eighth-grader Sienna Schlesinger, stabs herself with a Minecraft sword during the performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ streamed on Vimeo, Friday, Dec. 11. The choice to use a Minecraft sword as the dagger reflects the decision to not provide props (or costumes),

Unmute, cameras on, action!: Middle school puts on a virtual production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’

By Greta Irvine, Staff Reporter January 8, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued globally and nationally, the Archer community had to say goodbye to many staple activities and traditions enjoyed each school year. The middle school play was not one...

Netflix Original,

Review of ‘The Queen’s Gambit:’ An unusual feminist tale

By Thea Leimone, Culture Editor December 17, 2020

If you weren't one of the 62 million households that streamed "The Queen's Gambit" in its first 28 days on Netflix, make sure to join in and prepare to be entranced by a world of...chess? Yes, chess. The...

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Review: ‘The Great British Bake-Off’ is one thing the world can count on this year

By Rio Hundley, Features Editor December 6, 2020

A transparent tent sits in a bright green, provincial field. Cheerful music plays as the camera zooms into teal the workbenches, refrigerators and KitchenAid mixers. This idyllic scene is so commonplace...

Pictured is a scene from the first showing of the upper school play entitled

‘Radium Girls’: Fighting for rights amidst a pandemic

By Thea Leimone, Culture Editor December 6, 2020

A story of young women fighting for their rights and reparations in the 1920s. A story of unsuspecting women taking on the job of painting watches, as the radium paint they ingest poisons their bodies....

In the virtual space, members of Archer's dance program have had to readjust and readapt their usual rehearsals for this semester. In preparation for the annual Night of Dance performance in the winter, all members of the program have been collectively rehearsing their respective dances via Zoom.

Dance like nobody’s watching: Archer’s dance program adjusts rehearsals due to remote learning

By Vaughan Anoa'i and Thea Leimone October 14, 2020

With inverted camera angles, slow internet, lagging music and isolation, Archer's dance company has faced many forms of "difficulty" in the virtual space, according to junior Dance Company member Emily...

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