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The new, blank triangle sign on the gender-neutral bathroom replaces the old female figure sign. According to GSA Executive Board member and junior Remi Cannon, the opening of the gender-neutral bathroom helps provide a safe space for students of all gender identities at Archer.
New gender-neutral bathroom provides safety, comfort for students of all gender identities
By Oona Seppala, Staff Reporter • May 27, 2023

Despite the title The Archer School for Girls, not every student may identify as female, which is why the Archer administration implemented a...

Spanish teacher Talia Geffen produced the poster for the first ever ARCHERVISION competition based on the Eurovision Song Contest poster. The competition included both middle and upper school divisions. (Graphic Illustration by Talia Geffen)
Archer community celebrates middle, upper school ARCHERVISION winners
By Ella Chang, Staff Reporter • May 25, 2023

Archer's first ARCHERVISION awards were held in the dining hall during meetings and mentorship time Tuesday, May 9. The awards were presented...

Senior Ella Poon recounts the power of theater for Latine Americans by highlighting everyday life in Washington Heights from the musical “In the Heights.” Archer’s annual Advanced Study Humanities Symposium was held in the library and Media Space Friday, May 19, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.
Annual Advanced Study Humanities Symposium highlights seniors' passions through presentations, writing
By Maia Alvarez, Multimedia Editor • May 24, 2023

From assisting mothers who have children with Down syndrome to the stereotypes K-dramas perpetuate, the Class of 2023 spent their last academic...

Azel Al-Kadiri (23), portraying Elinor Dashwood, and Ella Gray (24), portraying Marianne Dashwood, hold hands during a technical rehearsal of Sense and Sensibility. Rehearsals for the upper school play began in January and spanned over three months.
From script to stage: Making of 'Sense and Sensibility'
By Siena Ferraro, Staff Reporter • May 22, 2023

The cast of the upper school play, Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility," took their final bows after their closing performance April 29,...

A student athlete thinks about her day-to-day activities. Many Archer student athletes reported learning time management skills and resilience through sports. (Graphic Illustration by Meredith Ho)
Benefitting and learning through sports: Student athletes develop endurance, time management
By Meredith Ho, Staff Reporter • 2 hours ago

When the sound of the alarm rings at 5:30 a.m., thousands of high school athletes across the nation get ready for another day of practices and...

A volleyball rests on the Archer logo, which is painted on the sports court. The court can function as a playing space for volleyball, pickle ball and basketball and hosts Archer fitness classes.
From classroom to carpool: Student athletes, athletics department reflect on campus sports facilities, transportation
By Siena Ferraro, Staff Reporter • 22 hours ago

Archer offers an array of different sports to the middle and upper school. However, in comparison to neighboring schools, Archer's sports facilities...

Japanese Breakfast performed May 11 at the Kilby Block Party Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah. Witnessing their performance live is one of my final memories of high school and stirred up a lot of bittersweet emotions.
Column: An ode to senior year... and Japanese Breakfast
By Sydney Frank, Columnist • May 24, 2023

On the vast stage in front of me, a tiny woman donning a white, hanbok-style mini dress shreds on a guitar, dances around joyously and occasionally...

My friend and I took this screenshot of our avatars on one of our favorite servers. Throughout all the years I’ve played video games, it’s always been the one I can consistently return to, having built some of my strongest relationships and shaped who I am as a person.
Column: Create new world
By Paulina DePaulo, Columnist • May 22, 2023

It’s a bright morning in 2014, and a 9-year-old me is perched on the office chair in front of the family computer. I’m nearly an hour deep...

Instagram plays a large role in the growing rates of eating disorders in teenagers. As the apps popularity exponentially increases among teenagers, the commonality of eating disorders in teens has risen as well. (Graphic illustration by Tavi Memoli)
Op-Ed: Instagram’s role in the growing rates of eating disorders in teenagers
By Tavi Memoli, Staff Reporter • May 28, 2023

Content Warning: This article mentions eating disorders. If you or anyone you know needs support, reach out to The National Eating Disorders...

My parents assemble all the ingredients necessary to make which dumpling filling. This particular dinner, my mom tried to step out of her comfort zone by making a pork and mushroom dumpling, which she had never attempted before.
My top 5 favorite Chinese foods
By Melinda Wang, Staff Reporter • 2 hours ago

When I think of Chinese food, I envision rich flavors, satisfying textures and a unique way to connect with Chinese culture. My parents raised...

This graphic image contains promotional posters for five journalism films I believe are inspiring and powerful. These films range from the classic All the Presidents Men, which was revolutionary for the way it depicted journalism, to Bad Education, which emphasizes the power of student journalism in schools. (Graphic Illustration by Nina Sperling)
From 'Shattered Glass' to shattered glass ceilings: 5 films that capture the power of journalism
By Nina Sperling , Senior Reporter • May 27, 2023

I remember watching "All the President's Men" with my parents, being fascinated by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's grit as they searched for...

The Scoop: A conversation with my trans brother
The Scoop: A conversation with my trans brother
By Charlotte Tragos, Columnist • May 26, 2023

Guest host Charlotte Tragos (‘23) speaks about transphobia and the importance of gender-affirming medical care. Tragos’ brother, Sam,...

The Scoop on Academic Peer Pressure in preparation for College
By Lucy Williams, Senior Reporter • April 17, 2023

Although Archer’s college guidance program starts in junior year, students start thinking about the future as early as middle school. On The...