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Posters hang on the Rose Room window, centering around the transgender flag. Students were able to write an answer to a prompt on the posters about the different aspects of being queer. One of the posters read, I love my queer friends because... they help me just like I help and support them.
Community connects: Pride Month celebration fosters 'acceptance', 'supportive environment'
By Katie Ray McKillop, Staff Reporter • May 20, 2024

With Chappell Roan blasting on the speakerphones and the Rose Room windows adorned with pride flags, the Archer community's early celebration...

Seniors laugh as they shoot water across the courtyard, during the annual fountain jump. I [the fountain jump] is really the culmination of your Archer experience, senior Ella Gray said. Especially because youre always around the fountain, at some point, and now you get to be in it.
Jumping for joy: Seniors end their final week of classes with annual fountain jump
By Maya Hernández, Staff Reporter • May 19, 2024

Barefoot, smiling and scream-singing along to Natasha Bedingfield's “Unwritten,” the class of 2024 gathered in the courtyard Friday, May...

The position of Student Body President goes to Rachel Chung (’25), as she received the most votes from the rising upper schoolers. The Executive Board will be comprised of Francie Wallack (’25) and Caroline Collis (’26). (Graphic Illustration by Lucy Williams)
BREAKING: 2024-2025 Student Council Executive Board results announced
By Zoe Gazzuolo, Culture Editor • May 8, 2024

The current and rising upper school students have voted: Archer’s student body president for the 2024-2025 school year will be Rachel Chung...

Senior Anaiya Asomugha and junior Bryce Collis sing a duet at Archella. Archella took place Friday, April 26, in the courtyard.
A day of music and memories: Students perform in annual Archella show
By Shae Killam, Staff Reporter • May 22, 2024

From ukuleles to guitars to solos and duets, the courtyard was filled with music and admiring students April 26 during the annual Archella performance....

Broadcast: Joy and competition—how the middle school tennis team overcomes isolation of tennis
By Oona Seppala, Senior Reporter • May 22, 2024

Athletics Director Kim Smith recognizes senior Cate Childers accomplishments during her soccer season. The Athletic Awards Night was held May 14 to honor athletes contributions to their teams and to bring together the community to celebrate their achievements.
Athletic Awards Night celebrates student-athletes, coaches recognize award winners
By Tavi Memoli, Senior Reporter • May 21, 2024

Applause roared throughout the Zeller Student Center as athletes received an assortment of awards Tuesday, May 14. The annual Athletic Awards...

A stick figure—representing many American citizens—is questioning “Why TikTok?”, failing to understand why this topic is at the forefront of Congress’s priorities. The reasoning behind this expedited bill has had little justification, especially when considering the other issues the U.S. is facing. (Graphic Illustration by Alexis David)
Column: Seriously, Congress? TikTok?
By Alexis David, Columnist • May 15, 2024

They’ve done it. The members of the United States Congress have finally fulfilled their destinies. They’ve banned the poison infecting...

Displayed on my bookshelf, in rainbow order, are some of my favorite LGBTQIA+ books. Some are mentioned and explored in this column, and the others are additional recommendations that fit into the pride month theme.
Column: More pride less prejudice
By Madeleine Beaubaire, Columnist • May 14, 2024

As we are approaching Pride Month, fittingly, LBTQIA+ books are the focus of my final column this school year (definitely not because I got ahead...

My press passes from the last two years are placed next to each other. As my senior year comes to a close, I reflected on my three years on The Oracle and how much this experience and community has meant to me.
Commentary: Thank you, Oracle
By Audrey Chang, Editor-in-Chief • May 19, 2024

"Do you have telepathy?” “Which one of you is evil?” As identical twins, my sister Annabelle and I have been asked some very strange questions....

The iconic Hollywood Sign sits atop the hills of Hollywood. The Hollywood Sign is a must-visit tourist attraction in LA that is sure to fulfill all of your expectations. (Photo credit: Mika Drori)
Living in La La Land
By Francie Wallack, Multimedia Editor • May 9, 2024

These are promotional posters of films I want to rewatch before graduation. The films range from introspective, yet humorous, to nostalgic and lighthearted. Photo credits: Lady Bird poster courtesy of  A24. Booksmart poster courtesy of  Annapurna Pictures. 10 Things I Hate About You poster courtesy of
Witty, whimsical, wise: 6 films to watch before graduating
By Nina Sperling, Senior Reporter • April 22, 2024

Content Warning: "Lady Bird" and "Booksmart" contain explicit language and sexual content. Common Sense Media advises both are appropriate for...

The Scoop on Multimedia
The Scoop on Multimedia
By Oona Seppala and Francie Wallack May 21, 2024

In this episode of The Scoop, rising Multimedia Editor Oona Seppala (‘26) discusses the Multimedia section with current Multimedia Editor Francie...

S1E6 - Black & Coming Of Age: Black Prom, Debutante Balls, Sweet Sixteens
S1E6 - Black & Coming Of Age: Black Prom, Debutante Balls, Sweet Sixteens
By Sydney Curry and Kennedy Chow May 20, 2024

Whether it's quinceaneras or bat-mitzvahs, almost every culture has some form of coming of age celebration. Join hosts Kennedy Chow (‘25) and...