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  • June 1Archer Oracle will be on hiatus during summer break. Regular coverage will resume in September.


Oracle_logoThe Archer School for Girls is a contemporary girls school in Los Angeles serving grades 6-12. The Oracle is Archer’s student-run news site, which we update dynamically September through the beginning of June. Archer upper school students who have taken or are currently enrolled in the 21st Century Journalist class are responsible for all aspects of the Oracle.

Student media at Archer connects directly to the school’s mission to “strengthen girls’ voices” and “promote challenge-seeking and support risk-taking” in order to “graduate courageous, committed, and ethical young women.”

For these purposes, as well as to teach students responsibility by empowering them to make and defend their own decisions, student news media at the Archer School for Girls are designated open forums for student expression where students make all final decisions of content. Therefore, student material published on The Oracle may not reflect the opinions or policies of The Archer School for Girls, and neither school employees nor the school itself are legally responsible for its content.

The Oracle goes on summer hiatus from early June through late August.

Oracle Mission Statement

As a student-run publication, the Oracle’s mission is to provide a forum that encourages authentic voices and discussion in our increasingly diverse educational community. We serve as a resource for the Archer community and beyond to report relevant, interesting and newsworthy information. The Oracle staff is committed to fostering critical thinking in our reporting as well as providing students’ perspectives. Through these endeavors, we strive to strengthen student voices.

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Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Cybele Zhang joined the Oracle writing staff in 2015. She was promoted to Sports Editor as a sophomore and to Editor-in-Chief as a senior. Over the summer of 2016, she interned at the Asian Journal, an international Filipino newspaper. She has been part of Archer’s Dance Company since 2012, where she is the current Community Outreach/Social Media Captain. Zhang is a Co-Founder of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Culture Club and leads Archer chapters of the Junior Classical League and Feed2Suceed Fund. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and watching sports.

Managing Editor/Culture Editor: Alexandra Chang joined The Oracle as a contributing writer in 2014 and became the Culture Editor in 2016. She was promoted to Managing Editor as a senior. She enjoys writing for her lifestyle website, The Zeitgeist, and designing pieces for her clothing line of the same name. Alexandra reads everything from “The New York Times” to “Us Weekly,” and she is also passionate about volunteering at The Peninsula Humane Society.


News & Features Editor: Cat Oriel joined the Oracle staff as a contributing writer in 2015, was promoted to Voices Editor in 2017 and is now the News and Features Editor. She is a part of Archer’s varsity volleyball team, co-founder of the Feed2SucceedFund Archer Chapter, a member of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Culture Club and is the CEO of the Arrow Store. She was named the Middle School Poet Laureate in 2013 and the World Language Poet Laureate in 2015. Her other interests include graphic design and dogs.

Multimedia Editor: Nelly Rouzroch joined the Oracle Staff during the 2015 year and became the new Multimedia Editor in 2016. She attended Ignite Journalism University in summer 2016 to focus on how multimedia can enhance journalistic storytelling. She is in Dance Company and has been a part of Archer’s Dance Troupe since 2012. She loves anything related to music and Buzzed.



Voices Editor: Maya Wernick joined the Oracle in 2016. She is a member of Archer’s Student Council, Model United Nations Club and is an Archer Ambassador. She can often be found volunteering with special-needs kids or rewatching old ’90s TV shows.



Sports Editor: Ella Frey joined the Oracle writing staff in 2016 and was promoted to Sports Editor junior year. She has been a competitive equestrian for 10 years. She enjoys participating in the Sustainability Club and Student Jewish Union.




Staff Writers

Kamryn Bellamy joined the Oracle staff in 2017. She was inspired to join the Oracle after she discovered a love for writing in her junior year. She is a member of Black Student Union and also plays on the Varsity Softball team. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family and reading.



Grace Dieveney became a member of the Oracle in 2017.  She enjoys cooking, reading, writing, swimming, and volunteering at the Wallis Annenberg Pet Space. In her free time, she can be found playing the ukulele.




Molly Goldberg joined the Oracle staff in 2017 and is very excited to be a part of journalism this year. She was born in Los Angeles, and has spent all of her life here. Molly has been an Archer student since sixth grade, and this will be her fifth year here. She is a member of the junior varsity tennis team as well as a member of the Best Buddies club. Her passions include writing, tennis, photography and community service.



Gracie Marx is excited to be a new staff member for the Oracle. She played varsity basketball for two years and hopes to continue this year after missing junior year due to an injury. In her free time, she coaches a middle school basketball team where she teaches middle school girls how to play basketball. She also has done community service at Upward Bound House, a homeless shelter in Los Angeles.



Nicki Rosenberg is a new member of the Oracle and is excited to start writing. She serves as a member on the Eastern Star Gallery board and is on the JV tennis team. She is a member of the Best Buddies club, works with the Violence Intervention Program and is a member of their teen board.



Allie Worchell joined The Oracle writing staff in 2017.  She is on the Debate Team and Community Service Board as well as the co-president of Human Rights Watch Student Task Force.  Out of school she is a volunteer at Teen Line through Cedar Sinai Hospital.  In her free time she loves reading, traveling and spending time with friends.  



Anna Allgeyer became an Oracle columnist in 2016. Her column focuses on food in relation to the life of an Archer Girl.  She hopes to write about food related current events and trends, and is looking forward to writing about the occasional indulgence and culinary seasonal crazes.




Celeste Ramirez is very excited to become a columnist for the 2017-18 school year. Her column focuses on diversity at Archer, highlighting the connection between her Latina culture and life at Archer. She is also involved in Dance Troupe, track & field, is an Archer Ambassador and is a member of Hermanas Unidas.



Scarlet Levin joined the Oracle as a columnist in the 2017-2018 school year. After discovering a passion for writing and reading early on, she was determined to join the Oracle upon entering Freshman year. When not reading, Scarlet can be found singing, drawing, or dreaming of food.



Lola Lamberg became a columnist in 2017-2018. She writes a column on American politics and social issues. She plays tennis and swims for Archer and you can regularly finding her at the beach with her dog and friends, listening to 90’s music or traveling.


Kristin Taylor teaches The 21st Century Journalist at the beginning and advanced level, advising the Oracle and the yearbook, Hestia’s Flame. She is a strong proponent of student voices and a member of the Scholastic Press Rights Committee. She has been an English teacher since 1997 and began teaching at Archer in 2006. A Certified Journalism Educator (CJE), she is a JEA member and a 2014 ASNE Reynolds High School Journalism Institute Fellow. She is also a Nationally Board Certified English teacher. She is in her final year of the Masters in Journalism program through Kent State University.

Professional Memberships

The Oracle is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA).

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