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Oil drilling can be deadly for the earth and people. Although there has been legislation introduced to Congress to create a buffer zone in communities, no laws have been passed.

Column: It’s time to end fracking

By Norah Adler, Columnist March 21, 2021

The year is 1933. President Franklin Roosevelt has just taken office. After fighting the Great Depression for years, things are finally looking up. People are happy, money is circulating and Billie Holiday’s...

A computer screen lights up with news articles surrounding New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's sexual misconduct allegations. Cuomo currently has seven accusers.

Column: Resign, Governor Cuomo

By Charlotte Tragos, Columnist March 14, 2021

I hope to work in politics one day….even though the environment constantly seems to be toxic and unsafe for women. Although I suspect women have had to endure harassment for as long as they have been...

Podcasts like

Column: Norah’s ultimate environmental podcast playlist

By Norah Adler, Columnist February 28, 2021

It can be challenging to have the same routine every day. I, for example, usually start my day with an abrupt wake-up to my alarm, fall asleep again only to wake up at 8:29 a.m. and rush to  my Sustainability...

Women should be allowed to express their femininity without the boundaries and limitations of society. Femininity isn’t limited to a specific gender and once this is realized, the expectations that cripple our society will begin to crumble.

Column: The power of my femininity

By Marissa Gendy, Columnist February 21, 2021

Growing up, gender standards played such a prominent role in the way I understood my gender identity. For most of my life, my parents reinforced the gender standards set by society onto me. This not only...

The United States Capitol building stands after a violent insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, that killed 5 and injured more than 140. Donald Trump has been impeached for his role in inciting the insurrection.

Column: ‘Cancel Culture’ to the rescue: A response to the president’s exoneration

By Charlotte Tragos, Columnist February 21, 2021

Cancel culture will be the final check against the partisan absolution of a guilty Donald Trump.  How did we get here? The advancement of our human project requires the freedom to share competing ideas....

Diet advertisements on social media platforms often show models measuring their waist and other actions surrounding unrealistic beauty standards which can lead teen females to develop eating disorders. New years resolutions revolving around trending diets do more harm than good to a teenager's mental health.

Column: The toxicity of diet-based new years resolution

By Alejandra Ayala, Columnist February 7, 2021

The new year is officially in full swing and with that comes the annual tradition of new year resolutions. Already one month in and we typically see the drop in resolutions and, especially in a year like...

The words

Column: Through my own reflection

By Marissa Gendy, Columnist January 23, 2021

Content warning: The following column discusses eating disorders while exploring body image.   According to the National Eating Disorder Association, body image is defined as the way “you see yourself...

A scenic view of a boulder field in the Wyoming landscape. The 30-day backpacking trip in the Wind River Range was the first NOLS trip offered in 1965.

Column: NOLS, nature and everything in between

By Norah Adler, Columnist January 18, 2021

Over the summer, I went on a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) trip, the first NOLS trip since quarantine started. My excursion started in July, at the Southern end of the Wind River Rang in Wyoming....

Over 159,000,000 votes were cast in the 2020 election. This tally marks a record-high number of ballots cast in a presidential election and the highest voter turnout since the 1900s.

Column: My experience as a poll-watcher

By Charlotte Tragos, Columnist January 6, 2021

Dani Fenster and I worked as official poll watchers for the Democratic party on Nov. 3, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. You need to be 16 to work the polls, but we were allowed to “watch” because we were...

While LA foliage is not as well known as in other parts of the country, the warm weather and clear skies makes for a perfect viewing of the changing colors. Taking a stroll after class is a great way to reduce screen time and appreciate our surrounding nature.

Column: A love letter to a tree

By Norah Adler, Columnist December 9, 2020

Walking has been my quarantine cure. Every day I walk up 12 blocks and then down 12 blocks. Sometimes I listen to podcasts, other times I listen to music. Some days I won’t listen to anything, just the...

The image features my grandmother’s 80 birthday dinner with two of my cousins, my sister and myself surrounding her. My grandmother's skin tone was far lighter than either of my two cousins and more similar to me and my sister’s.

Column: Why I’m not the ideal Latina

By Alejandra Ayala, Columnist November 15, 2020

It’s my abuela's 80 birthday. All four grandchildren surround her. My younger cousin stares at the heavily decorated chocolate cake while my older cousin, sister and myself stare up at my grandmother....

In our society, gender roles still largely have stereotypes attached to them. Some of these gender norms can have harmful effects on young children who do not

Column: I am still a girl

By Marissa Gendy, Columnist October 28, 2020

Ever since I was younger, I was called a “tomboy.” I was always told that I needed to dress and act more like a girl. I never thought much of this since I knew inside of myself that it didn’t make...

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