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Column: Through my own reflection

The words
By Marissa Gendy, Columnist January 23, 2021

Column: NOLS, nature and everything in between

A scenic view of a boulder field in the Wyoming landscape. The 30-day backpacking trip in the Wind River Range was the first NOLS trip offered in 1965.
By Norah Adler, Columnist January 18, 2021

Column: My experience as a poll-watcher

Over 159,000,000 votes were cast in the 2020 election. This tally marks a record-high number of ballots cast in a presidential election and the highest voter turnout since the 1900s.
By Charlotte Tragos, Columnist January 6, 2021

Column: A love letter to a tree

While LA foliage is not as well known as in other parts of the country, the warm weather and clear skies makes for a perfect viewing of the changing colors. Taking a stroll after class is a great way to reduce screen time and appreciate our surrounding nature.
By Norah Adler, Columnist December 9, 2020

Column: Why I’m not the ideal Latina

The image features my grandmother’s 80 birthday dinner with two of my cousins, my sister and myself surrounding her. My grandmother's skin tone was far lighter than either of my two cousins and more similar to me and my sister’s.
By Alejandra Ayala, Columnist November 15, 2020

Column: I am still a girl

In our society, gender roles still largely have stereotypes attached to them. Some of these gender norms can have harmful effects on young children who do not
By Marissa Gendy, Columnist October 28, 2020

Column: 2020 is the year of the climate

The presidential election will be held Nov. 3 this year. Remember to pre-register to vote and vote early in order to make a difference for our nation and for our climate.
By Norah Adler, Columnist October 25, 2020

Column: The unpresidential debate

Donald Trump and Mike Pence take the stage at an event in Washington D.C. Trump was previously diagnosed with COVID-19 and therefore cancelled the second debate on Oct. 15.
By Charlotte Tragos, Columnist October 18, 2020

Column: I’m not that sustainable

Sophomore Eliza Tiles and seniors Norah Adler and Sophia Stevens socially distance backpack in the John Muir Wilderness in California. Tiles says backpacking is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, but she urges hikers to follow Leave No Trace principles.
By Norah Adler, Columnist August 24, 2020
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