Girl on the Street: Moving Up Day


Photo credit: Cybele Zhang

The maypole is an important part of Moving Up Day. The sixth graders perform a dance for the entire school and attempt to weave the maypole.

As the end of the year approaches,  many students are awaiting Moving Up Day — when the buses pull out and summer begins.

 The Oracle took to the Archer campus to ask: What are you looking forward to most on 11-Namazie-LeylaMoving Up Day?


Leyla Namazie ’17: “The seniors moving up — being able to dress up, be all enthusiastic,  jump around, make noise and dance.”





Chloe Green ’19: “This is my first year at Archer, so I am really excited for a new experience and to see this Archer tradition.”





Scarlet Strasburg ’20: “It’s always really fun to see the seniors’ slogan when you walk through the doors.”




Ava Vinton ’20: “A lot of people in our grade are leaving, and I think our grade will really bond during the day.”