LA Vibe Day embraces Los Angeles stereotypes


Photo credit: Vaughan Anoa'i

Students played in the courtyard with a bouncy beach ball while the LA vibe themed activities took place. In order to get spirit points students had to guess the ingredients in a Kreation juice drink.

By Allie Worchell, Voices Editor

Fishing in the fountain, eating In & Out-inspired fries and getting a photo taken by paparazzi were just a few of the activities that were available to students Thursday in the courtyard at lunch. As part of this year’s Spirit Week, the theme was “LA Vibe Day.” Students came dressed according to different LA stereotypes. 

Sophomore Landon Janos said that, before the school year started, Student Council had a retreat where they came up with a whole list of Spirit Week ideas. As the event got closer, they all voted on each day’s theme. There are a lot of stereotypes in LA, so StuCo members liked the theme, Janos said. 

“I am dressed as a tacky tourist because that’s definitely something I see all over Los Angeles all the time,” Janos said. “It’s kind of an easy costume to pull together because I had a lot of things in my closet.” 

Not only were various students dressed up as “tacky tourists” but also yoga moms, eboys, egirls, skater boys and frat boys. Last year, the Thursday of Spirit Week was meme day.

“I wasn’t sure how I felt about [LA Vibe Day] because it’s kind of similar to Archella and I was kind of grieving over meme day,” eighth-grader Remi Cannon said. “It’s actually super fun.”

To win spirit points, students had to guess the number of ingredients in a Kreation juice drink. The fountain was also transformed into the Santa Monica Pier. Students could fish for magnetic fish. 

“I like it now that everyone is dressed up and they have a lot of fun activities,” sophomore Ibby Rawlins said. “I actually might go fishing. I will be supporting sophomore London Sinclair [while she] guesses the juice.” 

Although there are many stereotypes that come along with living in Los Angeles, students were able to embrace them through humor. 

“LA Vibe day empowers me and makes me feel like I can make fun of the stereotypes that are so heavily enforced here,” sophomore Marissa Gendy said.