Caravan, celebration, college send-offs: Seniors take part in, reflect on National Decision Day


Photo credit: Kristin Taylor

Seniors Sydney Raucher, Kaitlyn Kim, Maggie O’Leary, Eva Dembo, Jessica Tuchin, and Nicole Farmer celebrate their college decisions on the front lawn Friday, April 30. Seniors dressed up in their college gear today for an on-campus celebration in commemoration of May 1 knows as a national Decision Day in respect to the college process.

By Rose Sarner, Culture Editor

As the Class of 2021 walks the halls of Archer for their last weeks at Archer, the moment comes when Archer students watch their fellow peers celebrate a new chapter of their lives. May 1 marked National Decision Day for seniors around the world, which is a day seniors celebrate their accomplishments and mark their next steps.

During a typical year, seniors come to school with their college sweatshirts on and pennants in hand. However, this year, seniors decorated their cars in everything-and-anything college gear for an on-campus caravan.  

“I think this [caravan] my way of celebrating,” senior Olivia Rosen said. “The first semester was really hard, but now this semester is winding down, and we’ve been through so much together.” 

Fellow senior Eva Dembo said that Decision Day and the caravan was not all about students’ individual commitments specifically but a moment to reflect on what Archer has offered over the years.

“I think [the caravan was] a good celebration, not necessarily for Decision Day but for our senior year in general,” Dembo said. “I’m just going to miss the small tight-knit community of Archer. I like seeing everyone in the hallways and knowing a little bit about everyone, which I think is just so special about Archer that I’m not going to get at my college. At college you aren’t able to have the same connections that you do at Archer.”

College guidance counselor Ivan Hauck said he noticed the tight-knit bond the Class of 2021 shares and said he is “continuously astonished” by the consistent celebrations this class has for one another.

“I have noticed the way they support each other, celebrate each other’s accomplishments and the way they are there for each other in the more challenging times….it’s really unique,” Hauck said. “As a class, [the seniors] are truly a joy to experience, whether on screen, in person, or wherever you can find them.”

Rosen ended her reflection on the college process with a piece of advice directed to younger students. 

“Trust the process. The lane that you take is right for you,” Rosen said. “Your time of celebration will come.”