Editorial: Embrace the weird


Photo credit: Bess Frierson

Archer seniors dress up in extravagant doll costumes for the annual haunted house. “As soon as I walked into the haunted house, I could feel the spirit and joy that filled the senior class,” Junior, Noor Afshar said. Students were encouraged to walked through the Haunted House celebrating Halloween.

By 21-22 Oracle Editorial Board

In the beginning of the year, Archer students and faculty go head-to-head in a series of field sports and play a “serious” game of Assassin. In the spring, during the last few weeks of school, faculty preform a skit with their favorite moments from the past school year. In October, seniors host the annual Halloween haunted house, and on Moving Up Day, incoming seniors decorate the entire school with their class color. Also, in spring, sixth graders dance and sing as they braid the ribbons of the Maypole. All of these traditions are what makes Archer weird. In a good way.

Many new students do not know what to expect from Archer’s on-campus festivities. Nothing compares to how Archer students do holidays, events or even how they show their spirit. At many schools, if you participate in school-wide events, you are seen as “weird” or an “outcast.” Well, if you think that, you came to the wrong place. At Archer, we appreciate the weird.

Archer is back in full swing, and we are more than excited to give it our all during on-campus events. Many members of the editorial board have been at Archer for multiple years and have seen all of the weird traditions that make our school special. 

Have you ever seen a school where the seniors plan an entire haunted house that contains students’ bloody organs in disguise as a painted red rope? Only at Archer. Every school year on Halloween, the senior class organizes and plans a haunted house for all grade levels to go through. Seniors dress up as their house’s theme, whether it is ballerina or construction. This year, the theme was dolls, and it felt like we stepped into a scary doll house.

Have you ever seen a student run into your classroom two minutes before the period starts, trying to put a clothespin on your teacher? Have you ever seen a teacher use a chair as a shield to block said student from “assassinating” them? Only at Archer. At the start of the 2021-2022 school year, Archer faculty members and the senior class played Assassin. Each student was assigned either another student in their class or a faculty member to clothespin. All over school, students ran around the halls as if they were truly trying to be assassinated.

Have you ever heard of a school that allowed dogs on campus and in classrooms? Or an elective where you make an agility course for dogs? Only at Archer. At Archer, dogs are encouraged and welcomed in classrooms. On the first day of school, during the Back to School Assembly, all grade levels filled the courtyard ready to hear presentations from faculty and student leaders.  When the assembly began, and the welcome back festivities started, Alfie, Head of School Elizabeth English’s dog, slowly ventured into the courtyard as he too wanted to greet Archer students.

Have you ever heard of faculty participating in kick ball games? Have you heard of faculty planning skits imitating students or participating in Spirit Week dances? Only at Archer. Brian Wogensen, English Department Chair, takes the faculty kickball game extremely seriously, and made sure to stretch before the game this year. During Spirit Week in May, faculty rehearses a two-minute long dance that is performed for the entire school, at the end of the week. During Moving Up Day, faculty takes the most influential moments of the year, and brings them all together in a hilarious skit often dressing up as, and imitating students.

Have you ever heard of students braiding ribbons hanging from a pole while dancing and singing? Only at Archer. When Archer moved into the current school building, they inherited the Maypole tradition from the Eastern Star Home for Women. In the spring, sixth graders gather around the Maypole — a series of ribbons in various colors hanging from a center pole — and follow a  detailed dance as they braid the ribbons, marking the end of the school year for all Archer students.     

On the last day of school, when all students get off the bus, the rising seniors decorate the entire school according to their class theme and color. We get off the bus, and a swarm of school spirit is upon us. Students cheer and dance in celebration of everyone’s hard work over the past year, and congratulate everyone on moving up to the next grade.

For us, Archer is more than a school, it is a community, a play house full of unique surprises. So, make sure to sign up and perform your heart out whether in a dance, skit or even sporting event, because at Archer we embrace the weird, and weird is cool.