Q & A with dancer, writer, producer Georgia Ehrlich


Photo credit: Sophie Altemus

Junior Georgia Ehrlich sits with many hands around her face, which highlights the experiences and feelings humans share. Ehrlich’s show “Sentinent” will be shown Wednesday, June 8, at the Electric Lodge Theater. 

By Rose Sarner, Culture Editor

Junior Georgia Ehrlich is a dancer, artist and writer who has combined all of her passions to produce “Sentient:” a dance show Ehrlich created that explores what it means to truly become aware in a world with horrific events, with an emphasis on the current war in Ukraine.

The show is comprised of nine dancers, who perform numbers that vary from group dances to duets to solos. Not only has Ehrlich choreographed dances and created the entire show, but she has woven together her original creative writing between songs and as interludes. “Sentient” will be performed at the Electric Lodge Theater Wednesday, June 8, at 7:30 p.m.

The Oracle sat down with Ehrlich to talk about her inspiration for creating “Sentient” and the purpose of the show.

Why did you create “Sentient”?

Georgia Ehrlich [GE]: This project came to be primarily out of this desire to do a junior project, but also my growing aversion towards the pattern of dance that I have been doing the majority of my high school experience, which has been primarily through dance competitions. I’ve been growing out of that and desiring to do something a bit more meaningful.

Who inspired and motivated you to create “Sentient”?

[GE]: This show was born out of encouragement from my dad and my mom, but especially my father, because he wrote, directed [and] produced a musical when he was a senior in high school. It was a super wonderful experience for him and informed his love for creating musicals as he got older.

What is the meaning behind the show?

[GE]: This show “Sentient” is a reflection of a lot of different things I’ve learned throughout growing up. At the heart, it is about what it means to come of age, what it means to become aware and metaphorically conscious in the world as the title “Sentient” refers to. It is also about a reflection of my own personal sensitivity to relationships and a way to connection to the world. It was created to highlight the ways in which humans are more the same than we are different, and our commonalities, philosophy, intendancy and the experiences and feelings that we all share.

What is the purpose of watching “Sentient”?

[GE]: I think this is a really important thing to illuminate because it brings out connection, as 100% of the proceeds are going towards UNICEF in support of Ukraine, which reminds people that crises and horrific events are not far from us and are affecting people that have the same emotions and who go through the same things. Especially when it comes to children, these things are hindering their ability to even have these coming-of-age sentient lives and experiences.