Seattle Seahawks Win Super Bowl Title


Photo credit: Rosemary Pastron

By Anabel Palmer

On Feb. 7 2014, the Denver Broncos squared off against the Seattle Seahawks for the Super Bowl title at the MetLife Stadium in New York.

While preparing his team for the big game, Broncos head coach John Fox said, “Our football team played in all different elements this year. I feel comfortable where we’re at. Should be a tremendous match up, one that we’re very excited about.”

The game began with a safety for the Seahawks after Knowshon Moreno was tackled in the end zone by the Bronco’s Cliff Avril. Seahawks’ Steven Hauschka scored a 31-yard field goal giving the team an 8-0 advantage against their opponents. Hauschka then scored a 33-yard field goal that ended the first quarter with a score reading Seahawks 15, Broncos 0.

In the second quarter, Marshawn Lynch scored a touchdown after receiving a kick from Hauschka and making a 1-yard run.The second quarter ended with a touchdown by Malcolm Smith after a 69-yard interception leaving the score Seahawks 22 and Broncos 0.

The Seahawks gained seven more points from touchdown off an 87-yard kickoff return by Percy Harvin. Jermain Kearse then scored a touchdown after receiving a 23-yard pass from Russell Wilson.

Shortly after, Bronco’s Demaryius Thomas finally discontinued the shutout with a touchdown from a 14-yard pass from Peyton Manning, giving his team a score of eight.

The fourth quarter consisted of one final touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks. Doug Baldwin received a 10-yard pass from Russell Wilson, scoring the last touchdown of the game. The conclusion of the game was Seahawks 43 and Broncos 8.

Fans of the Seahawks rejoiced at the team’s first win. After the game, the Seahawks met and discussed their victory. Pete Carroll said, “These guys totally understood how to do it. They handled it with class and dignity. They took on this challenge with great respect for it and they did it perfectly.”

Seahawk’s MVP Malcolm Smith said, “There was great coverage on the back end, and great pressure (throughout the game).”

After being taken out for an ankle injury during the game, Richard Sherman also shared, “It was a rough game but … achieving a dream man … it really numbs the pain a lot. This feeling is unbelievable, it’s a dream come true.”

John Fox addressed the outcome of the game: “Congratulations to Pete Carroll, his staff, and his team. They’re a great team, and we didn’t perform up to par to be able to hang with them.”

Peyton Manning also chimed in, “It was disappointing for our entire team. We worked hard to get to this point, overcame a lot of obstacles to be here. It’s a really good thing just to have this opportunity, but certainly to finish this way is very disappointing. It’s not an easy pill to swallow but eventually we have to.”

With a surprising win over the Broncos, the Seahawks took home their first victory and the Super Bowl title.