Winter cheer: Drama Queens take stage, perform holiday-themed scenes


Photo credit: Lizette Gonzalez

Sophomores Bryce Collis and Hayden Seid perform a scene from holiday movie “Elf” during a Drama Queens performance. Students, faculty and family members watched holiday-themed scenes prepared by students in the advanced theatre class in Archer’s Blackbox Dec. 15.

By Lizette Gonzalez, Features Editor

Laughter erupted in the Blackbox Theatre Dec. 15 when the Drama Queens took the stage for the second time this school year. From romance to comedy, upper school students enrolled in the Advanced Theatre Course performed scenes from different holiday-themed movies.

The Drama Queens are led by arts teacher Tracy Poverstein, and, due to a high volume of interest this year, the Advanced Theatre Course had to be split into two sections. Junior Anaiya Asomugha said she has enjoyed the opportunity schoolwide performances like these offer because she is able to spend time with students from the other class section.

“I’m grateful that Ms. Pov gave us an opportunity to perform with people from the other class. I’m really happy that before we go off to break, I get to perform with people that I’m not usually in class with,” Asomugha said. “It’s nice to have that space on stage with them.” 

Senior Chloe Terani attended the performance, and she said it was exciting to see some of her classmates in a different setting. She also said she enjoyed the silliness the holiday scenes brought to the community.

What’s great is that since we love doing this, it feels like a bit of a break; even though it’s work, we’re having fun with each other and doing something we love.”

— Anaiya Asomugha ('24)

“I thought it was really good, and it got me into the holiday spirit. I thought they did an amazing job, and they were all really convincing. I know many of them, so it was cool to see them in their element,” Terani said. “I wasn’t really aware of what [Drama Queens] was before — I would definitely go again.”

This holiday-themed performance differed from many past Drama Queens performances, such as personal monologues. Asomugha said she hopes the Archer community enjoyed this show that was meant to be more wholesome than serious.

“It’s not one of those Drama Queens performances where there’s a specific message or metaphor that we want you to take away from it. It’s more of enjoy this time with each other, maybe even watch these holiday movies at home with your family,” Asomugha said. “We always perform, but this one doesn’t feel as serious. It just feels like a right before break performance. I just hope people leave smiling.”

Terani noted the importance of attending these student performances to show support for each other and be in community with one another.

“I think it’s really important for us to show up for each other and support each other in our interests and passions,” Terani said. “It was just a nice escape before break to be with other people in the Blackbox laughing and cheering them on.”

Despite the great increase of workload students face towards the end of a semester, Asomugha said she has found a safe haven within the Drama Queens. She said she is appreciative of the community this space offers because it’s a chance to continue doing something she loves.

“Drama Queens just feels so special, and it’s so tight. There’s something about being in the Blackbox with them — it feels so safe and unlike any other community or even place at Archer,” Asomugha said. “Some seniors are dealing with college applications, and I’m dealing with starting that college process. We have a lot to work with on top of Drama Queens, but what’s great is that since we love doing this, it feels like a bit of a break. Even though it’s work, we’re having fun with each other and doing something we love.”