‘We are tightly knit’: Q&A with junior Kayla Bruce on varsity track and field


Photo credit: Archer Athletics

 Junior Kayla Bruce a high fives their teammate Mia Vosicher (’25) at the University Tri-Meet. Although there were many new teammates this season, Bruce said varsity and track and field members have “built a community with each other in a short time.” 

By Claire Doyle, Staff Reporter

Varsity track and field finished third and won half of the events they participated in at the Liberty League finals. Throughout the season, the team placed a focus on mentoring and supporting each other. Whether new teammates or team veterans, junior Kayla Bruce said the varsity track and field team has grown together.

Bruce has competed on the Archer track and field team for two years and also participated in cross country this fall. The Oracle sat down with Bruce to discuss the track and field community and culture as well as their accomplishments this season. 

What do the practices and practice schedule look like?

Kayla Bruce [KB]: It is all depending on if you’re going to West L.A. or if you’re staying on campus. You’d get ready and leave school at around 3:15 or 3:20. Then, you would get bused to West L.A., and then from there, depending on if you are a distance runner or a sprinter, you get a workout based off of the type of runner you are. You do a warm-up where you run two laps, and then you do your walking stretches and your strides, and then you do the actual workout. And then you do a cool down lap and stretch. Obviously, running is a very difficult sport. But, it’s honestly so fun because while you’re running, you get closer to people because you guys are all struggling.

How would you describe the team’s season overall?

[KB]: I think the team has done pretty well this season, considering that a lot of the people on the team are new and have never done it before. Like Rose Chuck — she’s a soccer player. She has never done track in her life, but she did amazing. And Treasure, who is always killing it, perusal. I’m just so proud of everyone that’s tried it and enjoyed it.

What was the biggest hardship your team faced during the season?

[KB]: Honestly, it depends on the practice, every practice is different, but I would say a challenge was that most people were new. It was a challenge for them to get into running.

What’s one word that you would use to describe the team?

[KB]: Tight-knit. Running is a sport that many people don’t really do. I feel like the biggest sports are soccer or volleyball. So because there’s less people, we are more tightly knit and closer.

Do the upperclassmen on the team take on mentorship roles?

[KB]: Definitely. I started last year, so I was technically an underclassmen, and I looked up to the seniors. But now that I’m a junior, and there are a bunch of new people on the team, I’m able to mentor them as well as the seniors being able to mentor them. We give each other advice.