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This illustration depicts a love letter among the various aspects of the busy lives of student athletes. The love letter recognizes all the hard work and sacrifice student athletes make to do what they love.

Op-Ed: A love letter to student-athletes everywhere

By Vaughan Anoa'i and Thea Leimone April 15, 2021

5:00 a.m., wake up. 5:15 a.m., drive to practice. 5:30 a.m., stretch and start practice. 7:30 a.m., finish practice and get on bus. 7:50 a.m.-3:00 p.m., school. 3:15 p.m.-4:15 p.m, transportation...

In 2016, current junior Isabella Specchierla attended the Women's March in Los Angeles. Specchierla describes her experience as

Editorial: Intersectionality, inclusivity is necessary for Women’s History Month

By Oracle Editorial Board March 22, 2021

When people say “Women’s History Month,” who does that really include? All women? Or just certain ones? According to Women’s History Month’s website, “It is a time for commemorating and encouraging...

Oil drilling can be deadly for the earth and people. Although there has been legislation introduced to Congress to create a buffer zone in communities, no laws have been passed.

Column: It’s time to end fracking

By Norah Adler, Columnist March 21, 2021

The year is 1933. President Franklin Roosevelt has just taken office. After fighting the Great Depression for years, things are finally looking up. People are happy, money is circulating and Billie Holiday’s...

In most forms of writing, exclamation points are used sparingly for emphasis of certain words or phrases. However, exclamation points seem to have taken on another purpose for women when communicating.

Op-Ed: Why do women communicate with so many exclamation points!?

By Greta Irvine, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021

“I’m not an exclamation point type of person,” my brother said when I was checking an email he wrote before sending it off. I was puzzled. “Don't you want to appear happy?” I asked him. He replied...

Cover for Taylor Swift's most recent song release: a re-recording of her 2009 song

Op-Ed: What do you mean you ‘don’t like Taylor Swift’?

By Thea Leimone, Culture Editor March 18, 2021

Seventeen years in the music industry. Nine studio albums. Ten Grammy's. Thirty-two American Music Awards. Billboard's Woman of the Decade. American Music Award's Artist of the Decade, and you're telling...

A computer screen lights up with news articles surrounding New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's sexual misconduct allegations. Cuomo currently has seven accusers.

Column: Resign, Governor Cuomo

By Charlotte Tragos, Columnist March 14, 2021

I hope to work in politics one day….even though the environment constantly seems to be toxic and unsafe for women. Although I suspect women have had to endure harassment for as long as they have been...

Podcasts like

Column: Norah’s ultimate environmental podcast playlist

By Norah Adler, Columnist February 28, 2021

It can be challenging to have the same routine every day. I, for example, usually start my day with an abrupt wake-up to my alarm, fall asleep again only to wake up at 8:29 a.m. and rush to  my Sustainability...

The 2020 Student Diversity Leadership Conference logo celebrated the 25th year of this conference.

Op-Ed: Important conversations regarding race, identity and more at SDLC

By Andrea Ramirez, Staff Reporter February 14, 2021

This past December, five Archer girls and I had the pleasure of attending the online Student Diversity Leadership Conference [SDLC] by the National Association of Independent Schools [NAIS]. Although it...

Gift guide: Just because I love you

Gift guide: Just because I love you

By London Sinclair, Podcast Editor February 11, 2021

  UNDER $20     Muji GEL INK BALLPOINT PENS, SET OF 6 US $7.99 I am a stationary girl through and through. Love letters and envelope sets with my initials, custom stamps...

Gift guide: In the name of self-care

Gift guide: In the name of self-care

By London Sinclair , Podcast Editor February 11, 2021

  UNDER $20     Herbivore ROSE QUARTZ GUA SHA US $18 Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese therapy tool used to depuff the skin, supporting lymphatic drainage. While rose quartz...

Gift Guide: For the significant other

Gift Guide: For the significant other

By London Sinclair, Podcast Editor February 11, 2021

UNDER $20     The Beauty Mage  FLORAL BEAUTY WANDS US from $5 Hear me out...a couple energy cleanse. "Beauty wands are intended to ground and center via a smoke cleansing...

Gift guides in the spirit of love

Gift guides in the spirit of love

By London Sinclair, Podcast Editor February 11, 2021

So you forgot the most romantic day of the year...but don't fret because you're not the first person to forget. If you missed the Valentine's Day mark but are still looking to make it up to them (better...

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