Creative Writing Class Releases Spring Edition of ‘Pillars of Salt’


Drawn by Sonia Miklaucic '16.

By Sydney Stone

On May 30 the Upper School Creative writing class released their biannual literary magazine “Pillars of Salt.” The magazine features student writing and artwork. The editors of this year’s lit mag are seniors Grace Piccard and Carly Winant (both ’14). Below are just a few of the many poems and photographs in the lit mag. To see the entire book, follow the link above.

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  • Photographer: Allie Simon '15

  • "May" by Julia Chen '15.

  • Photographer: Talia Natoli '17

  • Drawn by Sonia Miklaucic '16.

  • "Arcadia" by the "Pillars of Salt" Staff.

  • Photographer: Katie Hershey Van-Horn '14


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