X-Block Alleviates Workload, Survey Says

Sarah Wagner ('16), helps Haley Kerner ('16), with her pre-calculus homework.

Sarah Wagner ('16), helps Haley Kerner ('16), with her pre-calculus homework.

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Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. the entire Archer community takes an hour out of their day to take away some of the homework stress. While the Middle School participates in workshops of their choice, Upper School students have the liberty to use X-Block time as they please.

The Oracle sent out a survey to Upper School students to find how effective X-Block was in alleviating student stress— 54 students replied.

“It is an extremely important part of the day. It’s very helpful and I get homework done. It also gives me time to hang out,” said an anonymous student from the survey.1413836679 (2)


Some students prefer to relax during X-Block in place of studies. According to the students who took the survey, some like to listen to music or simply “hang out with friends.”

Although X-Block is just a one hour break twice-a-week, it does seem to help with students’ level of stress.

One student from the anonymous survey said, “it’s really helpful especially because I play sports so it cuts back on homework time.”

Cameron Thompson ’18 said about X-Block: “I usually go to the ceramics studio for open studio time with Ms. Sullivan. I love this, because I get to have extra time to work on projects and make more pieces.” She added, “So far I have really enjoyed the idea of X-block and the fact that there is more time to complete work de-stress!”

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