Library Hosts Annual Sleepover

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Library Hosts Annual Sleepover

By Rachel Magnin

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Forty Archer upper school and middle school students gathered in the Library after school on Oct. 17 for the “Library’s EPIC Night of the Eternal Sleep(over)!!!”

Once a year, librarians Luke Robertson and Stefanie Daehler host a sleepover in the library open to students of every grade at Archer — the tradition began in 2012.

In an email to the Archer student body, Luke Robertson said: “We have a night full of pizza, FUN activities (like cookie decorating, crafts, and our famous Halloween Relay), movies (we watch two scary-but-not-too-scary movies), and TONS of candy (seriously, there’s a lot of candy goin’ on).”

High Schoolers hang out and laugh in their pajamas before going to bed in the Archer Library.

High schoolers who attended the sleepover “bonded”  in their pajamas before going to bed in the Archer Library, according to Shomloo. Photographer: Stefanie Daehler

According to Daehler, the library can accommodate 42 students at a time. In an interview, she commented: “Almost all of the students who ended up coming to the sleepover registered within the first 60 seconds after the form went live. We wish we could’ve accommodated everyone who wanted to come.”

Archer sixth grader Maya Sears ’21 said about her experience at the sleepover:

My favorite part was the relay race. You had to wrap someone in toilet paper and then we had to throw 10 pieces of candy in a bucket… then you had to sort a bag of candy into all the colors and then whoever’s team did it first won.”

Archer senior, Shirene Shomloo ’15, who has attended the past three annual sleepovers, commented in an email, “It was really fun to bond and spend time with some of the younger girls (and teachers!) who I hadn’t had a chance to meet before.”