Archer basketball senior night celebrates senior Rachel Magnin ’15


The team posing after their victory. They held up signs of Rachel Magnin’s ’15 face in support of her basketball achievements. Photographer: Shishi Shomloo ’15

By Sarah Wagner, Editor-in-Chief

Music boomed as the members of the Archer Basketball team rode their bus toward Santa Monica College for their game against Pacifica Christian.  This game was not just an average game, it also was the basketball team’s Senior Night, or “Rachel Night,” as it was nicknamed.

Why was it called this? Because this year, Senior Night honored the basketball team’s lone senior, Rachel Magnin ’15. Magnin fans held homemade flags complete with her face throughout the game. Balloons with her jersey number, 13, hung at the scoring station.

Rachel standing with the Magnin family.  Photographer: Shishi Shomloo '15.
The Magnin family poses for the Senior Night celebration. Magnin said, “I feel incredibly lucky to have people that care so much about me and are willing to take the time to come to my celebration.” Photographer: Shishi Shomloo ’15.

Magnin’s father, Randy, mother Kim, and her grandparents were there to support her.

Advisor Shane Berning also attended the game.

“She’s great,” Berning said at the game, before cheering for a well-executed layup. “She joined my advisory this year and she’s got a great attitude. She’s hilarious and a cool kid. I’m sad that she’s not taking any of my classes this year.”

Before the game, members of the team and her coach shared their thoughts about the captain’s athletic perseverance and leadership.

“Rachel is truly an Archer Athlete. She has played three sports for four straight years,” Coach Denny Lennon said.

Coach Denny Lennon talking about Magnin.  He expressed his appreciation for her commitment to Archer sports.  Photographer: Shishi Shomloo '15.
Coach Denny Lennon praises Magnin for her athletic achievements and expresses his appreciation for her commitment to Archer sports. Photographer: Shishi Shomloo ’15.

“You have set an example for us that displays the true meaning of what a good teammate should be,” sophomore Alyssa Downer ’17 said.

After the ceremony, the teams and the crowd recited the national anthem and the game could begin.

Archer quickly took the lead, and after half time, the score was 26-8.

The game was aggressive; many Archer students were knocked to the ground several times.

“This ain’t football!” called an Archer fan from the sidelines.

The game ended and Archer won 51-41.

“This team and this season has had many trials and countless ups and downs, but the fact that we could play as a team and play to our potential on such a special night for me really meant a lot.  I love my team so much and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to play with these girls for my senior season,” Magnin said.

Magnin '15 driving across the court. Photographer: Shishi Shomloo '15.
Magnin ’15 drives across the court, shoes squeaking  as she ran toward the basket. Photographer: Shishi Shomloo ’15.