Archer Track: Recap of Record-Breaking Season

Archer Track: Recap of Record-Breaking Season

By Helena Heslov

With its last meet on May 17, the Archer Track Team had a record-breaking season across multiple league and invitational meets.

The team competed at Birmingham High School in Van Nuys on Tuesday, April 14. The girls competed against Pacifica Christian, Oakwood, Providence, Holy Martyrs, and Yeshiva.

For the 100 meter dash, Alyssa Downer ’17 came in first place with a time of 13.21 seconds.

The girls pose at the end of the meet after they received their medals. Photographer: Amelia Mathis. Used with Permission

“What makes a track meet so exciting is that anything can happen,” said Grace Brown ’16. “Watching my teammates passing other competitors in the last 10 seconds of the race and crossing the finish line was so exhilarating, especially at this past meet.”

“The constant energy and anticipation always bonds our team together,” Brown said.

According to Coach Amelia Mathis, the last meet went really well.

“The girls competed with tremendous heart and enthusiasm,” she said.

She also said that the top runners all had PR’s (Personal Records) and the 4 x 100 team beat Pacific Christian, a goal of theirs for a while.

According to Mathis, the team celebrated seScreen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.41.48 AMniors Yasmeen Namazie ’15, Shishi Shomloo ’15 and Layla Masotta ’15 on Thursday, April 23.

“I am so excited and so eager to watch the young ladies compete and set personal records for themselves and the school,” Mathis said.

The girls’ final league meet was held at Occidental College at 1:30 on Thursday, April 30. They competed against Providence, Holy Martyrs, Pacifica Christian, Oakwood and Milken.

“It was one of the best meets of the season. Everyone put 100 percent and as a team collectively we did really well. Looking at us from the beginning of the season in comparison to this specific meet I think we’ve made amazing progress,” Leandra Ramlo ’16 said.

The 4 x 4 1Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.36.25 AM00 team, which is comprised of Ramlo, Masotta, Namazie and Leyla Namazie ’17, beat Archer’s record with a time of 4:18:98 minutes.

The girls on the team that qualified for CIFSS included both Namazie’s (known as the Namazie connection, by Mathis), Ramlo, Masotta, Downer, Cydney Davis ’18, Maren Richter-O’Sullivan ’18, Marcela Riddick ’16, Shomloo and Clara Gasparetti ’17.

They competed on May 17 in Carpenteria, California for CIFSS.

The team competed against nationally-ranked athletes and, according to Mathis, did not back down.

The athletes finished second in the Liberty League.