Inside the world of Archer’s small clubs


Girls meet for book club and discuss what their first book should be. Girls from almost every grade attend this club. Photographer: Chloe Davenport ’19

By Chloe Davenport, Staff Writer

At Archer, students have the opportunity to share their interests and passions with their peers by starting their very own club. Almost every day, a small club meets at lunch.

Livia Blum ’19 and Sammy Raucher ’19 run the I Am Club. Their mission is to educate girls on how women are perceived on social media and around the world. They started the club because they are passionate about women’s rights.

Raucher explained some of the challenges of the club.

“People might challenge our ideas, so we have to take those into account and do it respectfully,” she said.

Both Blum and Raucher incorporated their passion for starting the club into the club’s name.

“I Am blank, so you can put in whatever word and whatever you want to be, and you are not confined to any stereotypes,” Blum said. 

Dominique White ’18 runs the French Culture Club, which is open to anyone at the school, regardless of whether or not they speak French. 

Girls attend WE Day in San Jose, California. The only way to get a ticker into the event is by earning you way through community service. Photographer: Livia Blum '19.
Girls attend WE Day in San Jose, California. The only way to get a ticket into the event is by earning your way through community service. Photographer: Livia Blum ’19.

“I really like the French language, and I wanted to explore more of the culture. I figured other people would want to see that too,” White said. 

The French Culture Club’s challenges include getting people to attend regularly, planning meetings and having students ready to do what White has prepared. 

Natalie Grant ’19 leads the Harry Potter Club, where she shares her love for the popular series with other Archer girls.

“I have always loved the Harry Potter books, and Aviva and Sidney, who led it last year, decided not to lead it this year, so I started,” Grant said. “These first few weeks we’ve been trying to get as many people to come so we can be an official club.” 

Anna Allgeyer ’18 leads the Book Club at Archer.

“We started this club because there wasn’t a book club on campus, and we wanted to revive what was here earlier. We also just love books a lot,” Allgeyer said.

These are but a few of the many small clubs offered at Archer. The clubs all focus on different topics, but they all share a goal of connecting students with a common passion.