Op-Ed: We are all slaves to technology

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Op-Ed: We are all slaves to technology

By Chloe Davenport

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Technology is an ever growing integral part of our lives and we depend on it each and every day. It is consuming our lives in more ways than we know.

Do you have a smart phone? How much do you rely on it? Would you be able to get through your day with out it? Do you need to bring it with you wherever you go?  Do you have an insatiable need to check your phone at the sound of any notification?

After I thought about all of these questions, I realized that I really am a slave to technology.

It is quite scary to think about how often we use our phones. In fact, phones are designed to make us rely on them. Everything we might need, our phone probably has the answer to.

According to DailyMail.com, by the age of seven, children are becoming hunch backs due to looking down at smartphones for extended periods of time.

Additionally, according to The Atlantic, great use of technology can lead to social anxiety problems.

“If we are glued to technology 24/7, it’s going to have an effect on social skills—it’s just natural,” Journalist Tamyra Pierce was quoted as saying.

I believe that technology is controlling our lives in physically and socially unhealthy ways. Even worse, most people don’t even realize it.

When is the last time you went to dinner with friends or family and no one looked at their phone?

Personally, I can’t remember.

So ask yourself, are you a slave to technology?