Middle Schoolers celebrate Grandparents and Special Friends Day


Grandparents, special friends and middle schoolers listen to Head of School Elizabeth English's address to the community on Friday Feb. 12. Photo by Syd Stone '16.

By Anika Bhavnani

Middle schoolers and their guests roamed the halls of Archer on Friday, Feb. 12, for the annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day. The guests participated in a day of student performances and classroom activities in order to see their students in action.

After a brief reception in the Dining Hall, visitors joined with their host students in the courtyard for an assembly including speeches from Head of School Elizabeth English and Middle School President Miela Efraim. The middle school orchestra, choir and a group of middle school dancers also performed for the crowd.

Teachers then led activities during third period with the guests in mind. Some activities included science labs, family tree history discussions and reflections on the methods with which grandparents and special friends learned math when they were in middle school.

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  • Eighth graders perform for their dance for the students and guests. Photographer: Anika Bhavnani '17

  • Astrid McQuaide '20 poses with her grandparents at the end of the day. Photographer: Anika Bhavnani '17

  • Students and guests complete a lab led by science teacher Jerilyn Joel. Photographer: Anika Bhavnani '17

  • Guests reflect on the different methods with which they learned math when they were in school. Photographer: Anika Bhavnani '17

  • Archer girls converse with their guests. Photographer: Anika Bhavnani '17

  • Sophie Pollack '20 poses with her grandparents. "I was really excited to show them around Archer," she said. Photographer: Anika Bhavnani '17

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