Diversity Club discusses ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement with community

By Isabelle Kantz

Diversity Club co-President Ava-Rose Beech ’16 facilitated a discussion for students and faculty members to share their personal thoughts regarding the controversy between the “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” movements on Wednesday, March 2.

Many students agreed that the “All Lives Matter” movement has good intentions, yet belittles the motives behind the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

“Obviously all lives don’t matter right now or there wouldn’t be these issues and that’s why we need to focus on promoting ‘Black Lives Matter,'” Beech said.

French teacher Sylvie Escande teared up as she shared memories from her time living and teaching in New Orleans, where she witnessed racism around her and in her classrooms.

Some girls admitted they feel uncomfortable when discussing race in their classrooms and feel like they must act as a spokesperson for their entire race. In order to overcome this discomfort, Sarah Boehm ’16 suggested the community address the tension directly rather than avoiding the conversation.

The Diversity Club plans to continue these discussions in their weekly meetings on Wednesdays during lunch in history teacher Beth Gold’s classroom.