Archer musicians perform in annual Spring Concert


Photo credit: Isabelle Wilson

Upper and middle school choirs and the wind ensemble sing while the upper school orchestra plays during the finale of the show. This year’s finale song was “Brand New” by Ben Rector.

New lives and new beginnings were the inspirations behind Archer’s annual Spring Concert held on Wednesday, April 13 and Thursday, April 14. The upper and middle school orchestras and choirs as well as the wind ensemble performed.

Susan Smith leads the middle school orchestra in song as they preform for the audience. Photographer: Isabelle Wilson'17
Susan Smith leads the middle school orchestra as they perform for the audience. Each concert has different and unique music based on the season and theme. Photographer: Isabelle Wilson’17

“One of the first things we picked was our full group finale which was a song called “Brand New” by Ben Rector. We were excited about the song because it is all about new beginnings,” choir director Kate Burns said.

Both Burns and orchestra director Susan Smith picked a wide variety of music to showcase the talents of the program and to keep the audience interested.

“When I was picking repertoire for the orchestra, I wanted a really eclectic program that would be interesting to listen to for the audience but also give the students something different to learn,” Smith said.

Before the concert began, the seniors involved in the program thanked Smith and Burns in front of the audience.

Rachel Karasik ’16 has seen the choir evolve since her freshman year.

“I have had three different choir directors in the last four years,” Karasik said. “I think the music department has really changed, and Ms. Burns has really helped us improve our voices.”

Leandra Ramlo ’16 has been with the orchestra throughout her entire Archer career, beginning in sixth grade as a violinist.

“Weirdly enough, I think I was the most relaxed with this concert,” Ramlo said. “Ms. Smith said that this has been the best orchestra we’ve had in a while, and I think I’m most confident with this orchestra.”

While both seniors are sad to not be pursuing music in their college careers, they said music will always be a part of their lives.