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Student Store Remains Thriving Archer Tradition


The clock’s just struck noon, and a gaggle of girls, fresh out of third period, flock to a set of wide open windows.

A 7th grade student rings up a hungry customer.
Photographer: Zaire Dupont-Armstrong ’16

Ice-cream, chips, candy and juice fly off the shelves, while employees work to satisfy dozens of needy customers. Welcome to the Archer Student Store — come all, and come hungry.

If anything can unite the Archer student-body, it is a craving, a passion, a yearning for food. And if students relate to the savage temperament of the girls in the scenario above, the Student Store is the place for them.

The Archer Student Store, located in the northeast side of school, is open at lunch and after school, and is run solely by student volunteers who are managed by the Senior Officer Board.

The Student Store is recognized as a core center of the Archer community; a recent survey found more than 30 percent of Archer students visit the store at least once a week.

“[The Store] is a great way to bring people together, because food unites people,” said Grace Brown ’16, while waiting to receive her ice cream sandwich.

Alison Hachmer ’19, a 7th grade employee who is new to both the Store and Archer says, “After a long day of work, getting a snack form the store really brightens your day.”

The store also provides workers with a range of skills. Archer Controller Jane Davis, who advises and mentors the Senior Officer Board, says, “I provide oversight and guidance to the girls about how to run a business, how to maximize profits while providing a [wide range] of good quality snacks to the Archer community.”

In 2007, the store, which was then a club, decided to donate 100 percent of its earnings back to community. With “all net profits” granted, the Student Store now plays a pivotal roll in funding the Archer Flexible Tuition program. According to Admissions, the store raised more than $40,000 in 2012-2013.

"Nutella To Go Packets" are one of the hottest items at the Store right now. Photographer: Zaire Dupont-Armstrong
“Nutella To Go Packets” are one of the hottest items at the Store right now.
Photographer: Zaire Dupont-Armstrong ’16

This year, Senior Board member and CEO Kathleen Kelso ’14 are working hard to re-vamp the store to make it “more of a destination.” Kelso intends to incorporate “healthier alternatives—like dried mango.” However, Kelso also recalls when candy was regularly sold when was in middle school, and “[she] plan[s] to revive that tradition.”

Kelso’s long-term goals for the store include “maximizing” seasonal specials, “and even [adding] some decorations. We’ve even discussed playing music in the Store or in the courtyard,” she says.

The strategies put in place by Kelso and the Board to “increase [the Store’s] presence on campus” have  produced results, such as Nutella & Go packets, which are selling out. The Store keeps future customers on their toes; as Helena Heslov ’16 says, “anticipating what the Store will offer next”


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