GSA discusses creating more inclusive community


Photo credit: Logan Connors

Students and teachers gather in the yoga room at lunch for the GSA meeting. The Diversity Club also attended this meeting.

The Gay-Straight Alliance club [GSA] held their weekly lunch meeting on Dec. 7. This meeting had a larger attendance than normal with the Diversity Club also joining. Many students and teachers gathered in the yoga room at lunch to discuss topics of concern within the community.

The club is led by senior Shana Chin along with supervising teacher Stephanie Ferri.

For this meeting, the club discussed creating an inclusive community at Archer. There was also discussions about making the environment less heteronormative.

“Right now, Archer is very heteronormative in a lot of aspects,” said Chin. “Sex education almost exclusively talks about straight sex. In the club, there has been a lot of discussion about people wishing that it was more inclusive with all types of relations.”

Photo by Logan Connors
Sophomores Madison Tyler and Dani McMillion pose before the meeting starts. Students discussed creating a more open community at the meeting.

Chin also stated that these topics should be talked about more even in casual settings. The club has a goal to open up these discussions to engage in productive dialogues and hopes to encourage more members of the community to begin attending their weekly meetings.

Lulu Cerone ’17 hopes for more people to come to GSA meetings.

“Right now GSA isn’t a very popular club, and not a lot of people come to it, so we just really want to expand our presence here [at Archer],” she said.