Spirit Week brings excitement, pride to community


Photo credit: Cybele Zhang

Members of the Class of 2017 cheers on their classmates during the Spirit Week dance on Friday. Many had signs to show their support.

When can someone wear pajamas, meet their favorite tv show characters and celebrate Thanksgiving all in one week? Yes, you guessed it — Archer Spirit Week.

This year, Archer students celebrated the annual Spirit Week festivities from March 6 to 10.

Monday – Mondazzzzzz (Pajama Day)

Photo by Cybele Zhang
On Monday, students made waffles. Simultaneously they could attend the movie screening or sign the Dream Board.

To kick off the week, students came to school dressed in their coziest pajamas, slippers and robes.

The March 6 activities included lunch time waffle making and a screening of the Hannah Montana movie in the Rose Room.

“It’s really fun. In English class we got to do pajama writing, where we wrote informal paragraphs [about pajamas],” Charlotte Quinn ’23 said of her first-ever Spirit Week at Archer. “I really liked it.”

Students were also able to add to the ‘Dream Board’ on display in the courtyard.

Quotes on the board ranged from wishing their friends could go to Archer to wanting to meet Taylor Swift.


Tuesday – #TwinningTuesday

From left to right, Sydney Shintani ’18 and Portia Freeman ’18 show off their twin outfits. The pair matched socks, shoes, skirts, shirts and jackets. Photo courtesy of Freeman.

For twin day on March 7, students paired up to show their spirit. They matched outfits, hair styles and even socks, and some teachers even dressed up as their co-workers.

“Today we have chips and salsa, milk and cookies and bagels and cream cheese — some iconic twin foods,” class representative Sarah Traenkle ’19 said.

Student Council also arranged a photo booth with a slogan inspired by a popular twitter meme, “Name a More Iconic Duo, I’ll Wait…”

Lunch time activities also included ‘The Newly Twin Game’ to promote spirit. In the game based off of The Newlywed Game, pairs from each grade tested how well they knew each other with fun questions about their partner.

“It was fun and interesting,” Alex Feldman ’18 said. “We only go two wrong, so that was a big accomplishment. I learned a lot about my twin.”

Wednesday – LA Vibe Day

Photo by Cybele Zhang
Maya Winkler ’18 helps make smoothies. She is a member of the Student Council Executive Board.

On March 8, surfers and celebrities covered Archer’s campus. Students dressed as Los Angeles stereotypes, ranging from girls in head to toe Lululemon to those dressed in Loyola gear.

At lunch, Student Council put on a Zumba freeze dance competition, where Senior Rachel Pike won.

“It was the biggest dance competition that I have ever been in,” Feldman said. “To tie for third place was a big accomplishment.”

There was also an LA-themed photo booth and a smoothie station, where students could enjoy free strawberry smoothies.


Thursday – Tune in Thursday

Photo by Nelly Rouzroch
High school students dress as characters from The Office. Other shows that served as inspiration for costumes included The Fairly Odd Parents and The Bachelor.

Ever wish you could be a part of a tv show? On March 9, students’ favorite shows and movies such as Grey’s Anatomy, Powerpuff Girls and Star Trek came to life.

“My friend and I dressed up as Mia and Lily from The  Princess Diaries,” Briana Gonzalez ’22 said.

Like previous days, Thursday’s events also included lunchtime music, a photo booth, and lemonade.

Student Council also organized a school-wide game called ‘Name That Tune’.

“In the game, a theme song plays and you guess what tv show it’s from,” participant Dominique White ’18 said. “The seniors and juniors tied for first place. It was hilarious and really competitive.”

Friday – Festival Friday

The themes for March 10’s events were grade specific, with each grade celebrating a different holiday.

The main event of the day was the annual dance competition at lunch, where members of each grade choreographed and performed an original dance.

Watch The Oracle’s livestream of the dances on Facebook.

“I struggled at first to get people involved, but the dance really came together through collaboration, hard work and dedication,” dancer and class representative Lucia Barker ’18 said. “Our grade isn’t super focused on winning, but we’re more excited to just have fun and show our spirit.”

In the dance competition, seniors placed first, eighth grade earned second and juniors got third.

“It was incredible to be dancing for the last time with such a strong and committed group of girls, who love Archer and simply want to give back to the other Archer girls,” senior dancer Sara Rabinowitz said.

This was the fourth consecutive year that the Class of 2017 earned first in the event.

“I will miss this fun tradition,” Rabinowitz said. “I cannot wait to see where it goes next year.”

Click on the gallery below to see highlights from the day’s events.

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  • Eighth grade students perform their dance. They won second place.

    Photo credit: Cybele Zhang

  • Sixth graders show off their Thanksgiving themed costumes. Many dressed as turkeys.

    Photo credit: Cybele Zhang

  • Seniors perform their spirit week dance. Their song was a mashup of various pop songs.

    Photo credit: Cybele Zhang

  • Juniors dance as classmate Jayla Brown ’18 does the worm in front of them. The grade wore shirts featuring the slogan “Re18n” and crowns.

    Photo credit: Cybele Zhang

  • Freshmen show off their dance. They wore red shirts and bandanas that complimented the grade’s Valentine’s Day theme.

    Photo credit: Cybele Zhang

  • Zoe Bush ’22 shows off her present costume. Her grade wore birthday themed attire.

    Photo credit: Cybele Zhang

  • Seniors pose at the end of their dance. They won first place for the fourth year in a row.

    Photo credit: Cybele Zhang

  • Seventh grade performs their dance. They wore matching orange outfits.

    Photo credit: Cybele Zhang

  • Students watch their peers perform. Although it was hot, almost all students attended the festivities.

    Photo credit: Cybele Zhang

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